International Webinar on Post COVID Antimicrobial resistance and global challenge

Aligarh: A one day international webinar on ”Post COVID Antimicrobial resistance and global challenge” organised by Biotechnology Unit Aligarh Muslim University attended by participants of many countries including, USA, UK, Italy, UAE, Malaysia etc.

They were three main speakers, Prof Robert Bonomo, USA, Prof R. Zarrilli, Italy and Prof David Roper, UK (eminent scientists in the field of Antimicrobial resistance) and over 130 participants joined all lectures.

In his presidential address the Vice Chancellor Prof Tariq spoke on the subject of antimicrobial resistance in the current scenario. He also mentioned that infections caused by many bacteria are not treatable due to spread of resistance and mentioned that this webinar was very relevant from the current perspective. He also praised the progress and contribution of Biotechnology in the area of antibiotic resistance.

Prof Waseem Ahmed, Dean F/O Life Sciences, addressed the audience and described the progress of faculty, specifically Biotechnology. He also said that secondary infections caused during COVID-19 need antibiotics to treat but due to resistance they fail to do so.

Prof Asad Khan, Coordinator and Convener of Webinar welcomed the speakers and participants during inauguration and conducted the whole webinar. Prof Waseem Siddiqui concluded the sessions with vote of thanks.