International webinar on teaching foreign languages

Employees of the Resource Center for Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​Head. Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities, Ph.D. I.E. Abramov and Art. teacher A.V. Ananyina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences E.P. Shishmolina took part in an international online webinar.
The event was dedicated to the release of the collective monograph The world universities’ response to COVID-19: remote online language teaching : Distance learning of foreign languages: how universities around the world are coping with new challenges in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

This topical work is the result of a collaboration of 55 authors representing 21 universities from 18 countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Egypt and Brazil. The Russian teaching community in this project was represented by the Peoples’ Friendship University of Moscow (PFUR), with which the Department of the Institute of Nuclear and Humanities maintains long-standing academic ties.

The monograph discussed by the webinar participants occupies a special place among many similar publications. First, it is structured according to the “case study” principle, that is, it includes 23 chapters, each of which acquaints readers with the practical experience of a particular university and the solutions that the teachers of this university used to solve specific problems and tasks.

Secondly, the monograph is distributed free of charge, and the authors themselves say that it is important for them that the results of their research, pedagogical experiments and observations become known to the widest possible audience. This will allow teachers of foreign languages ​​around the world to get the most complete picture of how universities in different countries adapt the work processes of foreign language education to the conditions of a distance learning environment.


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