PetrSU is the winner of the competition stage for the best inclusive practices

The nomination “Innovative educational practices in inclusive higher education” PetrSU won the selection stage of the “Best Inclusive Practices” competition.
The All-Russian Competition for Inclusive Higher Education Practices is aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of higher education for people with disabilities, at identifying, supporting and further disseminating best practices for teaching and accompanying students with disabilities in educational institutions of higher education, identifying leaders in educational practices in the field of inclusive higher education , who have earned the trust of the professional community of Russia, the development of uniform criteria for assessing existing practices.

PetrSU was represented by L.M. Kieleväinen (IFKSiT), L.A. Levkina (TsVSR), Anna Lukina, student of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The final stage will take place on June 11th.