Hyderabad: Invesco Ltd. (NYSE: IVZ) signed a co-innovation memorandum of understanding with International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIIT- H). This will benefit students, educators, innovators, and startups exploring the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Predictive Analytics.

The goal of the partnership is to drive progress in AI, ML, and predictive analytics for asset management as well as to exchange ideas and gather insights on emerging technology from across different industries. The co-innovation model will allow internal development and engineering teams to work closely and collaborate with research teams and professors at IIIT-H. This collaboration will further strengthen Invesco’s technology stack to build new innovative solutions for their customers using deep technology tools.

“We are pleased to continue investing in the Hyderabad community, and this partnership is a logical next step for us as we continue to grow our predictive analytics and machine learning programs at Invesco,” said Donie Lochan, Chief Technology Officer of Invesco. Dave Dowsett, Global Head of Strategy, Innovation, and Disruptive Technology said, “We have recently launched our own internal Innovation Hub with similar goals of industry and startup collaboration. This new co-innovation partnership helps us expand our goals by strengthening our ties to the local academia community in Hyderabad.”

“IIIT-H is close to our Hyderabad office, and will provide us further opportunities to work
with the Institute’s diverse talent pool of research students and professors. We’re excited for the future innovations coming from Hyderabad that will have global impact,” said Swaroopa Akula, Technology Head of Station, Invesco Hyderabad.

Professor Ramesh Loganathan, Head of Research, Outreach and Co-innovation, IIIT-H said, “With a key founding principle of IIIT-H being applied research, lately we have been
exploring new models of industry to engage with research. And the Co-Innovation is gaining a lot of traction both amongst tech companies and also startups. Very happy to see a global major like Invesco signing up now.”

“Not only there are opportunities to build breakthrough technologies, but there are also
opportunities for Invesco to provide career paths for individuals we encounter through the co-innovation process,” said Ravindra Rapeti from Technology Strategy & Innovation Team, Invesco Hyderabad. Log on to the Invesco Career Portal to learn more about opportunities at Invesco.