IPM Program at IIM Bodh Gaya

By Dr. Prabhat Ranjan and Dr. Teena Bharti

IIM Bodh Gaya promotes inclusiveness and openness in its programme. Adding to the existing portfolio is its new and unique, as well as creative Integrated Programme in Management (IPM). The program was introduced last year and is in line with the growing need for trained managerial talent. The curriculum of this program offers experiential learning and a holistic course curriculum. The program’s objective is to prepare candidates from a foundation level for taking up leadership positions in corporate and government organizations. The IPM program intends to give students a global perspective on management practices. Our students will be trained to make ethical and socially conscious judgments while analyzing real business situations.

The course is a dual degree program (BBA at UG level and MBA at PG level) offered for students passing the 12th standard. Students completing the course requirement of the Integrated Program in Management would be awarded Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) by IIM Bodh Gaya. The exit option is also available after completion of BBA courses. Candidates opting for exit after completing the first three years as per requirements would be awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Admission to the program is based on a National Level test called Joint Integrated Programme in Management Admission Test (JIPMAT). It is conducted by the National Testing Agency.

The first three years’ courses are designed to capture all the necessary aspects of a socially responsible and mindful business leader. To achieve this, the curriculum incorporates courses in Statistics, Mathematics, and Economics to build analytical rigor in view of management decisions, courses in Psychology, Sociology, Public Policy, and Governance & Polity, along with courses in Economics, to provide an understanding of the core disciplines on which the study of management is based, and courses in Language-Spanish, etc., Theatre & Performing Arts, Science of Well-being and Mindfulness provide breadth and perspective. Further extending the students’ creative learning and analytical skills, the program offers Enabler courses like Communication, Information Technology, etc., Core Courses (discipline-specific), and Enhancement Courses (for ability and skill enhancement).

The first three years of the program are based on the semester system, and the last two years are based on the trimester system (as per the prevailing MBA course structure). At the end of the second year, students will have an option to undertake a Rural and Social Immersion Project along with either a research-based project or a business internship. During the sixth semester of the program, students will have the option to select courses from a sector-specific specialization. The course structure after the sixth semester will follow the MBA course structure. Hence, the learning goals for the last two years are the same as that of the Post Graduate Programme in Management (MBA).

At last, to summarize the course’s significance, students joining our IPM course will be prepared for leadership roles and positions of responsibility in various sectors through a combination of analytical rigor and broad exposure.