SPARSH Hospital introduces ‘Infinite care’ Joint Revolution program

Bengaluru : SPARSH Hospital, a pioneer in Orthopaedic care, announces the launch of ‘Infinite care’ aimed at delivering exceptional care to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from conditions related to the joints.

‘Infinite Care’ provides a personalised experience for patients. As a part of the program, the care team from SPARSH conducts a detailed session with the patient and their families to clarify any doubts related to the procedure. The one-on-one patient counselling includes aspects such as surgery overview, type of implants that will be used for the surgery, cost estimates, insurance options, post-operative care, physiotherapy visits and much more. Furthermore, prior to the surgery, a team from SPARSH will visit the patient’s home to assess the preparations to be made for post surgery rehabilitation.

The patient is then placed in a well rehearsed integrated clinical care pathway covering all the steps from admission to discharge, and managed by a highly competent team of orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and physiotherapists. In Joint Replacements, SPARSH has an impeccable track record of 0.3% complication and infection, significantly lower than the global average of 1%.

India has about 15 million people who suffer from Osteoarthritis, a condition that affects the joints or tissues around the joint. Though joint replacement has excellent outcomes, a number of patients either delay or avoid undergoing surgery because of misconceptions and fear of extreme pain post surgery.  SPARSH’s ‘Infinite care’ has been designed to offer a less painful joint replacement experience for patients.

Commenting on the program, Dr. Sharan Shivaraj Patil, Chairman, SPARSH Hospital, said, “Over the last decade, SPARSH has been a go-to destination for  all Orthopaedic and advanced joint replacement procedures. Through our patient interactions, we have gathered deep insights on some of the concerns that patients have before undergoing the procedure. There is a sizable number of people that need joint replacement, but not many opt for it due to the fear of pain and discomfort. With these insights, we believe that there is a need for advanced  surgical techniques and multimodal pain management protocols that makes the whole experience considerably less painful for patients. SPARSH’s ‘Infinite Care’ is a step in that direction.  Our aim is to deliver exceptional care and improve the quality of life of patients who have struggled with pain and limited mobility for years.”

‘Infinite Care’ comprises two key pillars – SPARSH Sankalpa and SPARSH Sukshema.

Sparsh Sankalpa features a 10-Year assurance on the entire procedure; including coverage of any complication or revision surgery, if necessary, at no extra cost.


Sparsh Sukshema is an evidence-based pain management system that delivers a near pain free experience for patients, rapid functional recovery, reduced hospital stay, and minimal side effects.