Is GRE & GMAT mandatory to study in the USA?



GRE and GMAT are two standardized tests, one of which is required by many universities in the United States. These tests measure a student’s ability to analyze data and make decisions. The GRE General Test examines verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing abilities that have grown over time, are unrelated to a particular field of study and are crucial for everyone applying to graduate programs or business programs at colleges across the nation. The GMAT measures your knowledge in subjects such as English composition, math, and sciences(economics, finance, etc.)

While GMAT is considered by most B-schools in the US, GRE is also accepted by some of them(Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, etc.)

Application Guide 101 for GRE & GMAT

It is advised that you prepare all relevant documents before applying to a given university. The dates for these tests are pre-set and only change when there is some unforeseen situation.

  • If you are eligible to take the GMAT, then the application process will start in mid-April each year. You can apply online through the website of your selected test center or through one of their local centers by filling out an application form along with other required details such as personal photo, date of birth, etc., and submit it along with your GMAT score proof (received from Pearson Vue).
  • You may also choose to register yourself directly at Pearson Vue’s website after paying an additional fee of $25 per test (or more). 
  • Once registered, they will give you instructions regarding what score(s) should be used when making an appointment for testing purposes; however, it does not guarantee admission into any program offered by these universities nor guarantee that students who have applied directly through them have been selected over those who have applied through other channels like schools or other agencies which offer similar services such as taking exams online for free!

Where can I get free online GMAT and GRE practice tests?

There are many websites where you can find free sample papers and practice tests for both the exams(GMAT and GRE) like, and

These websites provide free practice tests to help you prepare for your exams by giving you access to a bunch of questions with explanations so that you can understand what is being asked in each question before answering it correctly on your own without any doubts or hesitation. 

You can also use these websites as an online study guide when preparing yourself for the GMAT or GRE instead of using books.

Preparation tips for the GRE and GMAT:

  • You should prepare for the exam according to your own capacity. No standard hours or days can be set for preparing for either of the tests as every person has a different learning ability.
  • If you want to study a certain way, then you should follow those methods that suit your needs and understanding.

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Universities that consider both GRE and GMAT scores:

It’s worth noting that you should take note of the fact that there are some schools that require GMAT scores in addition to GRE scores.

  • Yale University requires both GMATs and GREs
  • Harvard Business School accepts only those who have taken both tests
  • Cornell University will accept either one or both exams (but not both together)
  • Stanford Law School prefers applicants with an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution such as Harvard or MIT;
  • Northwestern University accepts applicants who have completed undergraduate studies at any college or university within their region as long as they meet minimum GPA requirements.

Applicants applying to US programs that accept GRE scores generally take General tests, while applicants applying to graduate schools other than business take the Subject Tests.

What advantages come with taking the GMAT or GRE?

  • The benefit of taking either one or both of these tests is that it gives you an insight into your aptitude levels along with giving you a chance to show off what makes you stand out from other candidates applying for similar positions like management traineeship programs or internships etc.,
  • The entire procedure usually takes 3 hours 45 minutes, including breaks and instructions, but it may vary depending on the optional breaks you take and your test center’s procedures.
  • You can take the test in any language of your choice. Additionally, you can decide whether to compose your essay and respond to spoken questions in English or French!
  • You can take the test in any country that has an Embassies Treaty with New York City
  • You can choose from over 700 different cities throughout all 50 states where we give our GRE preparation courses so that you don’t have to travel far away from home if possible. Many people prefer taking their GMAT practice tests online instead of taking them at home because they want more flexibility when scheduling around other commitments like work schedules etc.


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