Ishwar Choudhary: Social Activist Contributing to Child Education and Support

Jaipur: Child education is not just an important element in society but also a hopeful exercise which carries the potential to reform and uplift nations. School is the first source of knowledge and systematic information that a child is provided with. In India, child education still remains a far off dream for many. In light of this, there are noteworthy social change makers who work towards making education available at all levels of society.

From the state of Rajasthan, Ishwar Choudhary has made a significant contribution to the fields of child education, health and welfare. Ishwar is a social worker and activist who works independently towards uplifting downtrodden sections of society and representing them in front of administrative authorities.

Since a lot of time, Ishwar has been engaged in providing education opportunities to children of numerous economically weak families. He says, “Most of these people live hand to mouth and in times like these, their main headache is to provide food for themselves. Education of their children remains last on the list and this results in their kids growing up uninformed, uneducated and unskilled. It becomes a vicious circle.” Ishwar Choudhary goes door to door of such households and initiates dialogue about the education and future of their children. He has carried out numerous awareness campaigns so as to urge people to give priority to child education and support.

Recently, Ishwar enrolled over hundred rural children to Government schools in their areas. He ensured that these children are supplied with enough stationery, books, uniforms and shoes. Not just that, Ishwar talked with the school authorities and held fruitful discussions on the quality of their mid day meals. The fees of all of the children was paid by Ishwar himself.

Ishwar Choudhary makes use of personal funds for all his social work but is open to receiving help in kind from other interested youngsters and adults.