ITC Launches Origami Notebooks under its new Classmate Interaktiv Series to Foster Creativity in Children

New Delhi: ITC Classmate, India’s No.1 notebook brand with an unmatched product quality and a strong commitment to partnering students in their journey of learning and development, has launched Origami notebooks, the first in the series of engagement-based notebooks, under its Classmate Interaktiv series. Aimed at encouraging students to learn through “Do It Yourself” activities, these Origami notebooks will enhance their creativity and imagination through experiential learning.

Do-it-yourself learning style is changing the way education is imparted worldwide. According to recent survey results, there is a growing belief that self-service instruction will become more prevalent for lifelong learning. And towards this, learners are “patching together” their education from a “menu of options,” including self-teaching, short courses and bootcamps.

The Interaktiv series notebook marks ITC Classmate’s commitment towards augmenting students’ learning through constant engagement, learning, and interactivity. The Origami notebooks include specialized DIY Origami sheets and would focus on enhanced consumer engagements through videos, contests and so on. This will be followed by more unique product offerings and collaborations in the months to come, which will enable learning and creativity amongst young consumers.

As part of the launch, Classmate is running the “Origami Champions contest” where anyone who collects all 8 designs and shares the same on Classmate’s Facebook or Instagram handle, stands a chance to win exclusive gifts from classmate. Classmate Origami Notebooks are available at select stationery outlets, Amazon, Flipkart and Big Basket. Origami is the art of folding paper to make models which will help kids to improve their visualization skills, develop imagination and improve concentration; thus, helping children exercise their creativity.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Vikas Gupta, Chief Executive, Education and Stationary Products Business Division, ITC Ltd., said, “ITC Classmate has at its core the driving commitment to ensure consumer delight with its high-quality, innovative and visually appealing products. In accordance with ITC’s focus on continuous innovation, we believe in encouraging children to learn through experiential knowledge. Classmate through its Interaktiv series wants to ensure that kids enjoy the process of learning through curiosity and imagination.”

This journey of Classmate notebook from a physical notes-taking tool to a more meaningful 360-degree engagement tool marks a strategic shift by the brand to make learning more exciting and interactive.

Classmate believes in the “Joy of Learning” and believes that learning must be an exciting and engaging experience for students. Classmate Origami notebooks are exercise notebooks with 2 additional origami sheets as part of the notebook and include exciting models replete with detailed step by step instructions to create the model. Few of the models include – Fighter Jet, Samurai Hat, Car, Lion, Elephant, Crab, Fox and Giraffe. There are also detailed videos uploaded on where the student can view the making of various models.

ITC’s Classmate and Paperkraft brands, which are both market leaders in their segments, have delighted consumers with high quality products, differentiated offerings and environment friendly paper that is sourced from renewable forestry. Classmate has always been invested in the enhancement of the learning experience through its various innovative product innovations.

The price for a Origami notebook is Rs 50 for 172 pages in both ruled and un-ruled formats.


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