Jamia Hamdard organizes webinar on the basic concepts of X-ray and MRI for physiotherapy and occupational therapy professionals

New Delhi: Jamia Hamdard’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences organized a national level webinar in collaboration with the Department of Physiotherapy, Jaipur National University on the basic concepts of X-ray and MRI for the physiotherapy and occupational therapy professionals.
In the present scenario when the professions of occupational therapy and physiotherapy are developing at a very fast pace, the importance of understanding of their radiological procedures is on high demand.
“Not only, it’s the rehabilitation professionals who should be able to determine which all radiological modalities would be appropriate for a given condition, but also the understanding and interpretation of the reports generated by a radiologist is crucial at the same time”. Dr. Abhinav Jain, the resource person for the webinar, was quoted saying during his interaction.
Dr. Abhinav Jain is a senior faculty in the department of radio-diagnosis, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. With an exposure to vast number of clinical cases on a daily basis which is backed by an extensive experience in different health care settings, he conducted the whole session in a very efficient manner, which was highly appreciated by the panellists, Dr. Deepak Malhotra (PT) and Dr. Atul Singh (PT).
During the webinar he gave valuable insights on the various imaging tools and how a systematic approach is essential for imaging. He practically demonstrated that how one should analyze X-Rays and MRIs of different regions of the body like head & spine, chest and various other joints. The interpretation of the findings was also explained to the participants. Dr Abhinav emphasized that it is imperative to keep in mind that the MR image depends upon the proton content and behavior in a tissue.
The webinar got an unprecedented response from all the delegates who attended the webinar both on the google meet platform and also on the live streaming platform on YouTube. The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences got more than 1300 registrations for the webinar before the registrations were stopped, which included students and professionals from colleges offering rehabilitation courses all over India. As per the analysis the webinar got a total views of more than 1600 participants from all over the country.
The webinar was addressed by the Head, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Jamia Hamdard, Prof. Ona P Desai. She emphasized the need of having webinars in topics of relevance to Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Dr Manju Chhugani, Dean, School of Nursing Sciences and Allied Health, Jamia Hamdard encouraged the department to organize such webinars and also the students for maximal participation. This was the second webinar in the series that was organized to strengthen the diagnostic skills of the physiotherapy and occupational therapy professionals.
The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences acknowledges the positive support of the University administration, who have always been supportive in all the initiatives taken by the department. Both the Hon’ble VC, Professor Dr. Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain and the Hon’ble Pro VC, Dr. Ahmed Kamal have encouraged organisation of such activities and Mr. Syed Saud Akhtar, the Registrar of Jamia Hamdard who has been instrumental in administrative clearances related to all such programs.
The webinar ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Nishat Quddus (PT) to the keynote speaker for his engaging presentation, the panelists Dr. Deepak Malhotra (PT) and Dr. Atul Singh, moderator, Dr. Nahid Khan (PT), members of the organizing committee [Dr. Ruchi Nagar (OT), Dr. Sohrab A. Khan (PT), Dr. Prachi Tiwari (PT), Dr Noor Mohammad (OT), Dr. Sahar Zaidi (PT) and Dr. Swati Srivastava (OT)] for coordinating this webinar as well as the participants for their enormous response. The department is committed to organizing similar events to dissipate knowledge by collaborating within and outside the University.