Jasudben ML School conducts fun informative sessions for students on World Heart Day


New Delhi: In an attempt to curb heart diseases that are on a steady rise in this generation, Jasudben ML School (JML) organized comprehensive educational sessions on cardiovascular healthcare for students and parents to commemorate World Heart Day. The event entailed a cardio camp session and nutritionist session conducted by Founder, Director, Performance Fitness Coach & Mentor Mr. Edgar Mascarenhas and renowned dietitian/nutritionist Mrs. Kamna Bhandari.

On the morning of the event was a cardio camp session that involved a fun fitness workout as well as a cardio balance challenge. This workout focused on the 7 Essential Elements of Fitness, namely, Endurance, Strength, Speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination and Flexibility. The session made for an endearing bonding session for parents and children as they played and exercised together. The objective of the fitness session was to show them that getting physically active at home in restricted spaces is doable and fun and must be incorporated in daily routines especially during the lockdown. Followed by this in the evening was the nutritionist session that focused on reasons why heart diseases in younger people are pervasive. Some of the main reasons are genetics, food & lifestyle, and stress. The key takeaway of this session for students/parents was how to make lifestyle and dietary changes that will help keep the heart healthy.

Mrs. Damyanti Bhattacharya, Principal of JML School said, “It is extremely worrying to see young individuals today being prone to heart diseases. There is no doubt about the fact that stress amongst them is at its peak as the pace of life is fast-moving and unforgiving, and people barely get time to focus on their wellbeing. These sessions were meant to be an eye-opener. While we received a great response during the event, we really hope that parents and students have thoroughly understood the essence of it and make amends to their lifestyles in order to safeguard their health.”

Both Mr. Mascarenhas and Mrs. Bhandaari are prolific professionals in their respective fields. Mr. Mascarenhas started the E7 Fitness programme for children aged 4 to 15, which concentrates on the 7 essential elements of fitness, creating a strong base in fitness, from which kids can launch into different Sport or just say fit, strong and healthy. On the other hand, Mrs. Bhandari comes with a rich and diverse experience in the Field of Nutrition & Dietetics with an unarguable volume of experience dealing with clients both in India and abroad. A fitness enthusiast herself, she likes to motivate her clients to achieve just that right balance between health and exercise that drives them to achieve their physical and wellness goals

World Heart Day is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities, and governments around the world participate in activities to take charge of their heart health and that of others. Through this campaign, the World Heart Federation unites people from all countries and backgrounds in the fight against heart diseases and inspires and drives international action to encourage heart-healthy living across the world.


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