Jetking Revolutionises Education Sector with Incorporation of Virtual Reality


Mumbai: Jetking Infotrain Ltd., the leading Computer Networking Institute, is introducing Virtual Reality technology into their courses and counseling sessions. The technology is currently being utilized by the institution in their counseling sessions so students can truly experience future career prospects before taking them on in their professional lives. Any student can visit Jetking’s learning centres in Mumbai and Delhi and get the novel experience of learning about the implications of their future careers through VR tech.

Commenting on the growth potential of VR, Siddarth Bharwani, VP – Brands & Marketing, Jetking said, “Jetking has been a trailblazer in digital skills and is known for being a frontrunner in terms of integrating innovation into our teaching styles. Currently, we have seen an immensely positive reaction to the use of VR in our counseling sessions where students are able to get a practical insight into our course offerings as well as the implications of the course in their professional careers. We plan to integrate the technology into our ongoing and future courses soon and make it a part of the pedagogy of our educators to improve students’ grasping capabilities. VR offers a unique method to help students see the practical implications of their learnings even before they actually are working in the industry. This kind of insight is indeed a boon for these students and helps them be more job-ready.”

A report by Goldman Sachs states that the market for VR in education will touch around 0.7 billion dollars by 2025. With international players like Google dipping their feet in this technology for education, the technology is gaining traction across the globe. In India, Jetking is the leader in infusing technological innovation into their pedagogy. As the technology is adopted in their classes, VR will help Jetking students to get a virtual hands-on experience in the concepts they are learning during class. The technology is expected to help Jetking improve their student engagement levels and facilitate improvement in the overall development of students through practical knowledge.