Prashas Research is on a Mission to get more people into PhDs, doctorate programs and research

Hyderabad: There are many specializations and specialized services. Here is one, which is a different kind of a specialized service in education. “Prashas Research Consulting Pvt. Ltd”, a city based one and half year old firm speciliased in offering guidance, support and mentoring to those aspirants who wants to seek admission or register in to PhD program in wide variety of Indian and International Universities.According to Mr. Shakir Ali, they have provided admission guidance and mentorship to well over 1000 Ph.D aspirants in the last 18 months and helped them register for Doctorate programs in many universities. Some of these Universities include Career Point University, Kota, Rajasthan; LNCT University and Madhyanchal Professional University both at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, NIMS University Jaipur, Rajasthan, and Shri Krishna University, Madhya Pradesh and others. All these are UGC recognized Universities.

Why are not many people in India research-oriented? A very few and a small number of graduates register for PhD programs. Even those registered; don’t produce much path-breaking results. One organization decided to change this.

Prashas Research Consulting wants to change this. It has specialized in this area of guiding people and encourages more to go for PhD and Post Doctorate programs. Until now we have focused on people who are well settled in their respective professions, but always wanted to pursue doctoral education program. But, for some or other reasons couldn’t do so. We hold a World Record of Highest Number of PhD Admissions in A Single Academic Year In the last 18 months we have motivated nearly 1000 such people to register for PhD programs. We have acquired all the expertise required to guide people and mentor people in PhD registrations in various Universities, informs representative of Prashas Research Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

There are no other degrees higher than a doctorate degree. Earning just one PhD can take 10 years of college and field work. Most doctorate programs have entrance requirements you must meet before you are accepted into the program. Further the completion rate of PhD in India is only about 50 percent.

It is everyone’s dream to earn the title of Doctor (Dr.) in their name. But, many don’t know and how, where to register for Ph.D program and what subject to choose. So we help them achieve their dream.

People feel good to use title Dr. in fornt of their name. In some European countries the wife of a male PhD calls herself “Mrs. Dr. so and so”. Whether that is a good practice or not is a different issue. But, the example cited here shows how much people like to use Dr. as a title to their name informs Prashas Research Consulting
Does a PhD offer an advantage when looking for a job? The answer to this is big no. But, yes, it can serve as a discriminator in getting promoted. PhD from a good university is a big plus. Doctoral program is a good credential. PhD puts one in a different class than the competitors for the position and the credibility you bring to the table. Doctoral program has both advantages and disadvantages. Some organizations, mostly private, may ridicule. PhD doesn’t offer much advantage outside Academia.

However, there are people who have different opinion on this. A PhD outside of academia has considerable value as it certifies that you have mastered one small area of original thinking, observe few.

A PhD in journalism may not be well taken in the profession. A Doctoral candidate may be considered over qualified for the many positions. Depending on your field, a PhD can give you an advantage or make you overqualified. But, a PhD is an advantage in a set of jobs such as Banking, Data Science, and Bio Technology etc.

A PhD is a requirement for most research science positions in Government and Industry. And even UGC–University Grants Commission mandated it for all faculties. NASA is known to employ many PhD qualified people in their organization. Government jobs frequently post Ph.D. positions in research shops at national labs and the like.

Besides professional reasons, now many are now going for PhD because they have an opportunity to get a PhD and it is their cherished dream. And some want for personal reasons. They want to earn that title “Dr” and want to add to their name.

It is very interesting to study how Ph. D holders are spread in the world? A study on the countries with the most Doctoral Graduates revealed that USA tops with 67, 449, Germany with 28, 147, UK 25, 020 and India stands fourth with 24,300 and Japan comes fifth with 16, 039 PhDs.

The total number of PhDs recorded for the last 10 years was 45,561. The number of students who enter at the doctoral education level is abysmally low. It is just 0.25 of the total number who enrolled at the graduate level enroll for the PhD

While enrollment is so low, even the completion is just half percent of those who register for the Doctoral Program. According to the National Institute of Advanced Studies, the women enrolment in Doctoral programs is very low and drops by 38 percent.

Southern states have one third of PhD enrolments in the country. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have a third of all PhD enrolments in the country. Nearly 80,000 students said to be pursuing research in subjects every year. But, not all get awarded Doctoral Degrees.

The number of PhD graduates has gone up in this country over the last few decades. It is stated that first PhD was awarded in India in 1904. It is also stated that there were only a dozen doctorates in this country till the year 1920. Till the year 2000, there were just 326 institutions which awarded PhDs. But, this number has gone up to 910 by the year 2018. The top-ranked universities in India grant around 2,500 science PhDs each year. We get 800 chemistry PhDs a year from top Universities

As per the last count, there were 24,000 in all disciplines from about 900 institutions in 2017. According to the UGC–University Grants Commission, the number of science PhD holders tripled in the same period. Nearly 6,000 people granted science PhDs annually.

Some of the preferred countries for PhD programs are India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Netherlands and Malaysia.

Now there are Part time PhD programs, Online PhD programs. With efforts from organizations like Prashas Research and others, more people get into Research in India.