JJT University organizes workshop on “How to set a good question paper”

Jaipur: JJT University organized a workshop on the subject “How to set a good question paper.” The workshop aimed at brainstorming ideas through which an ideal question paper can be designed. In view of the changing nature of today’s education, its effectiveness and usefulness, and on how to choose useful and effective questions in order for the overall development of students.
Inaugurating the function on this occasion, JJT University’s Pro-Chairperson Dr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla said, “Under the immediate circumstances, when almost all the programs of education are going online today, in order to teach the course to students in time, the method of presentation also needs to be considered. JJT University understands the importance of every guide line of the UGC and hence the university has been organizing such workshops.”
On this occasion, President Dr. (Colonel) Nagraj Mantha said, “We are working wholeheartedly on the need to make it interesting and effective in front of the students by the sudden change in ways of teaching.”
JJT University’s Pro-President Dr. (Commodore) Jawahar Jangir believes that along with the change in the framework and style of teaching over time, we also have to keep in mind that the education being imparted to the students can be effective in their choices and future construction. In the eyes of Pro-President Dr. Anurag, who has made many creative experiments in the field of education, urged that education should not be more than just a means of acquiring knowledge, but with that education, students can build a developed and meaningful society. There should be a need to emphasize the matter, he added.
Dr. Charanjit Kaur Pabla, the Chief Controller of Examinations, who is conducting the workshop, said “the teachers teaching the students should be clear about the purpose of the subjects they are teaching. And only when the purpose is clear will we be able to underline the significance of education. There needs to be deep thinking and clear direction on how to ask questions, how creative and objective they are which will prove to be helpful for students in their enlightenment and future transparent choice.”
A large number of professors made their presence present in this workshop. This program will continue till February 12. Dr. Anil Kadvasara and Dr. Vandana Tiwari played the main roles in the support of conducting the workshop.

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