A Joy Ride, Full of Risk

Though these children, counted as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 …, were all full of cheers, but all the people who saw them only had a fear. When these smiles would be converted into something unfortunate was the only thought people had. Certainly it was not a joy ride, rather, a ride full of risk. People had stopped and thought of letting this motorcycle pass, since no one wanted to take the risk of being unfortunate.

The question is, why this risk? The question is, who are we putting at risk? The question is, what is at stake? Will a simple ‘sorry’ be enough to condone if something happens to these children. The reply to all the three questions is – It’s a joy ride for children at the risk of their lives.

No one appreciated this gentleman who might have thought that he is doing a public good. No one blessed him for doing a noble cause. No one was happy with his out-of-the blue moon ride. And, finally No one wished him a long life. People only cursed him for putting the life of all the children at risk. There is no thrill, no happiness and no ‘kick’ in risking the lives of 7 children, who are innocent, ignorant and have trusted this gentleman for their safety.

We cannot do anything for risk, that is ‘unknown’. But why to take ‘risk of known’. Here, the risk of known was more than known and it was only God’s blessing that these children happened to reach safely.

Rajasthan seems to be challenging safety almost every day.

Accidents do not come by invitation. But sometime, some people, do invite them with their deeds.

Be Safe Zindagi is an initiative by Hindustan Zinc to bring road safety and awareness beyond the boundaries of the Company.