When The Policeman Says – “I GIVE UP”


We were travelling to south and this is what we saw. On being asked the obvious question – what happened – the gentleman said – no – not the one sitting on the motorcycle, but the one standing with folded hands, “Sir, I am pleading him not to use motorcycle as his car. He seems to be not understanding that a two-wheeler is of ‘2-wheels’, so five people can’t sit. I am not able to understand how he decided to travel like this, risking all his family. Tomorrow if something happens, they will blame Police for not maintaining law & order. But he seems to be adamant on me to not take fine (challan) but let him go. I GIVE UP”.

Well, never thought that this sight would be the only common sight in Udaipur and other smaller cities of Rajasthan and many more Indian States. We seem to be enjoying such violations.

We tend to take all rules on a ‘ride’ and yet accuse the law-makers for not implementing and taking action against the culprits. Many times we convince ourselves of doing right, for a wrong, by thinking everyone is doing the same. But tomorrow, if some untoward incident happens, will we be able to again take the pretext of all the others. The damage would be only ours and rest will only come for giving consolation.

Please Note : It would not help if we push out two-wheelers manually while exiting the townships – just to satisfy the security guards (don’t want to write fool the security guards) and then drive without wearing helmet along with 2 pillion riders. And while coming back, again stop the two-wheeler just outside the gate, pull it manually inside the gate, and then once security gate crosses, ride it proudly with the same 2 pillion riders and without helmets.

Some rules are life rules, you break them and be prepared for something that is known to happen.

Be Safe Zindagi is an initiative by Hindustan Zinc to bring road safety and awareness beyond the boundaries of the Company.