Justice Permod Kohli, Chairman, CAT, delivers the 22nd Lecture of the CVC ‘Lecture Series’, on “Scope of Judicial Scrutiny in Departmental Proceedings and Principles of Natural Justice”

New Delhi: The 22nd Lecture of the “Lecture Series” organized by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) was delivered by Justice Permod Kohli, Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal here today on the topic “Scope of Judicial Scrutiny in Departmental Proceedings and Principles of Natural Justice”.

In his lecture, Justice Kohli gave a detailed explanation of various aspects of the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 and other regulating administrative rules. He elaborated upon the nature of penalties, the authority competent to impose them, the procedure to be followed for imposition of penalties, the conduct of Departmental Inquiries and the delegation of powers in these matters, among other aspects.

The concept of rule of law was explained in legal perspective, and the doctrine of unreasonableness was also elucidated by Justice Kohli during his lecture. The judicial scrutiny of departmental proceedings was systematically explained to the audience from the point of view of the Central Administrative Tribunal and common errors made by administrative authorities at various stages when dealing with disciplinary cases were discussed in detail. The role of the Central Vigilance Commission as per the CVC Act was also dealt with during the course of the lecture. The lecture was followed by a question and answer session where the audience got an opportunity to seek clarifications from the speaker.

This lecture was attended by full time and part time Chief Vigilance Officers (CVOs) of Government Departments based in Delhi NCR as well as CMDs, Directors and other officers of Government Ministries / Departments, Central Public Sector Enterprises, Nationalized Banks, and other Organizations.

The webcast of the lecture may be viewed online and it is available on the website of the Central Vigilance Commission www.cvc.nic.in.