National Museum takes a New initiative on “Small Temporary Exhibitions” from Its Reserve Collection 

New Delhi: The National Museum took a new initiative on “Small Temporary Exhibitions” from its reserve collection. The exhibitions will be based on several themes, so that it will attract large number of visitors to view new artifacts every fortnight. Through such programme National Museum is trying to draw visitor’s attention and allows them to experience the collection on many significant art pieces of reserve storage, which generally remains out of focus.

The first temporary exhibition on “Traditional Headgear of India” from the Decorative Arts department was inaugurated by Smt. Rashmi Verma, Secretary Ministry of Culture & Tourism, on 24th July 2017 in National Museum, New Delhi. This exhibition arranged to showcase printed turban, embroidered dopalli and Maratha stitched cap and zardozi cap specially designed for occasional and ceremonial bases.

The second temporary exhibition in the series was inaugurated by Smt. Sujata Prasad, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Culture on 11th August, 2017 in National Museum, New Delhi. The exhibition will remain open to the public till 27th August, 2017.

The temporary exhibitions from the Reserve Collection of National Museum are formulated to display variety of objects from the National Museum Reserve Collection. The schedules for the exhibitions are as follow:

  1. ‘Kushan’s Stuccos Figures from Taxila’ – August, 2017
  2. Exploring Seals: Silver, copper, stone seals with bilingual and trilingual inscriptions from the Epigraphy – September, 2017
  3. Ornamental Arms and Armour – September, 2017
  4. Shoes and sandals from Central Asia  – October, 2017
  5. Folk objects of Bengal : With special reference to the wooden dolls and sholapitha objects – October, 2017
  6. Man: the creator, the development of tool making by Early man. It will deal with early man and the tools they have used during different time span of evolution – November, 2017