Karelian teachers received new knowledge on the formation of a healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren

An international online conference “Formation of a healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren” was held within the framework of the eponymous advanced training program for teachers at KRINPO PetrSU.
Practice-oriented modular training presupposed not only the participation of teachers in lectures, but also independent work with students according to the proposed innovative program. The participants were warmly greeted by the coordinators of the “School-wide approach to preserving children’s health in the North” project, thanks to which Karelian teachers were given the opportunity to study free of charge.

The Norwegian guest, Lill Tollerud, a representative of the Norde Follo commune administration, shared Norway’s experience in promoting a healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren and youth.

Karelian teachers from both Petrozavodsk and remote regions of the republic presented their best practices in the implementation of the program “Formation of a healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren”.

Elena Kuksova, teacher of the Mikhailovskaya basic secondary school:

The future health of a nation is determined by the health of the younger generation. This program allowed students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to form the need for a healthy lifestyle, adhere to the rules of hygiene and prevention of diseases, rational nutrition and other methods of maintaining health.

The teacher outlined an interesting fact: at the beginning of the program, half of the children, as shown by the survey, did not think about health as an important factor in life. At the end of the course, the results of the survey changed: the children realized the importance of health and the personal responsibility of each person for their health.

An interesting report at the conference was made by E.N. Anishchenko, a physical education teacher at the Gymnasium No. 17 Municipal Educational Institution, who also noted that before the start of the program, children, due to their age, ranked their health only in 4th place after material and other benefits. Due to their age, they do not think about their health, they do not have enough knowledge about health, and therefore the teacher’s help in the form of conducting classes on the formation of a healthy lifestyle is very important. The program received prior approval from all parents in the class and was enthusiastically accepted by the children.

Yu.A. Reznichenko, social teacher of the MCOU of the Sortavala MR RK “Secondary School No. 1”, shared her experience in implementing the program and noted that one of the most interesting classes was the class “Our class is the best country.” The guys whom the children chose as “ministers” (and especially the “minister of sports”) helped a lot in promoting a healthy lifestyle among classmates, especially during distance learning. They came up with various contests and tasks for friends and classmates and together posted the results on social networks. A quiz was developed for the children, video lessons were held. Based on the sketches of the children, a series of souvenirs (pens, badges, notebooks, etc.) with the symbols of a healthy lifestyle was made, and the most active students were encouraged. Zoom’s My Daily Routine session helped the children a lot to organize their time on distance learning. Parents were actively involved in this, and together with their children they kept a diary of the daily routine, helping the children to find a balance between study and rest, not forgetting about walks in the fresh air and sports exercises.

The teacher of the Sukkozerskaya secondary school N.V. Kovalskaya noted the relevance of the lesson “Regulation of complex emotions and healthy lifestyle”, as well as lessons on the schoolchild’s day regimen, proper nutrition and smoking prevention. The children really liked the memo “How to regulate emotions at school”, the administration decided to print it and hang it in the classroom corner of each class. The result of the program was that the children figured out what human health depends on, and made a schedule of class activities in the field of health and sports, each child developed his own version of the daily regimen. The parents were also happy to support the implementation of the program at the school.

Teachers of the MKOU Secondary School No. 3, Pudozh Alina and Maria Kalushevsky, noted in their speech that the methodological manual is informative, convenient for work. Parents of pupils were also impressed by the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle and unanimously supported the conduct of classes according to the program for their children. During the lessons it was noticeable that these topics are close to children. They noted that the program for the formation of a healthy lifestyle fits perfectly into the school educational and educational process. With the help of the program, it was possible to motivate children to maintain good physical shape during distance learning.

Yulia Reznichenko, social teacher of Sortavala secondary school №1, shared her experience in organizing healthy lifestyle classes together with her parents. During the training, the children also made up their own daily routine for distance learning. Yulia shared that before telling the children about proper nutrition, after learning about the program, she changed her diet, and from the point of view of personal experience of proper nutrition she shared knowledge with the children, which had a great influence on the children and increased their motivation. During distance learning, the educator teaches Zoom classes twice a week, and students look forward to the classes. Of particular interest were classes on online security and teenage crush.

OBZH teacher Andrey Galyshev from Pindushskaya secondary school №1 organized a circle “School of Safety”, the participants of which were children with problems in the family. He noted in these children a detached attitude to health and healthy lifestyle, but after three sessions, the attitude changed. According to him, the program not only contributes to the formation of healthy habits, but also to the disclosure of the creative potential of children. According to A.V. Galyshev, “the program helps to establish contact with children and change the attitude towards the educational process itself.”

Galina Hardykainen from a school in the village of Ambarny, Louhsky District, shared her experience in organizing training according to the program in a small school where only 18 children study, 15 of them took part in teaching a healthy lifestyle. This school also managed to organize cooperation between teachers of different disciplines to implement a healthy lifestyle program, strengthening meta-subject connections.

Teachers from Shuiskaya secondary school No. 1, Derzhavinsky lyceum, secondary school No. 5 in Segezha also shared their positive experience, presenting extensive experience in the field of interdepartmental interaction.

Summing up the results of the program, the listeners expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to take part in the training, to get up-to-date knowledge and methodological literature. The organizers, for their part, also thanked the heads of the interdistrict resource centers of PetrSU for their invaluable assistance in cooperation with district schools.

54 teachers took part in the training, and more than 800 children received useful skills for life. The program will be further implemented at KRINPO PetrSU.

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