Kashmiri folk and progressive rock tops off final evening of the three-day Jaipur Music Stage 2020

The Jaipur Music Stage brings the best of India; folk and contemporary to the fore.

Day 3 saw Kashmiri folk artiste Aabha Hanjura and progressive rock band Parvaaz showcase the diversity of Indian music.

The Jaipur Music Stage ended on a high note on Saturday night with foot-tapping performances by two young musical acts from India – Aabha Hanjura and Parvaaz. The three-day musical extravaganza, Jaipur Music Stage 2020 celebrated the world of music with performances from across the musical spectrum. The first evening paid homage to the fusion of traditional Indian and global sounds while the second evening witnessed spectacular performances by two celebrated international artistes. The third and final day came full circle as it celebrated music from the Indian subcontinent.

On the evening of 25th January, Hotel Clarks Amer started filling up with those people who had left Diggi Palace after an exciting day at the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, as well as music lovers who had come to enjoy the finale of Jaipur Music Stage 2020. The first act to grace the stage was none other than popular folk fusion artiste, Aabha Hanjura with the Kashmiri Folk ensemble. With her band Sufistication, she created a unique soundscape by blending together her signature sound and traditional Kashmiri instruments such as the rubab and the Kashmiri Sarangi. The ‘Hukus Bukus’ singer truly enthralled audiences as she brought the magic of the valley to the Jaipur Music Stage.

Talking about her performance, she said, “I’ve played all over the country and I still feel there is no better stage for world music than the Jaipur Music Stage, which brings together the traditional and modern sounds on one platform.”

The second act of the night was the Indian rock band Parvaaz, whose sound can be best described as a  “blend of progressive and psychedelic rock with elements of folk and world music.” As soon as they took the stage, they had the audience at the Jaipur Music Stage grooving to a different beat in a matter of minutes. The popular four-piece band performed songs from their latest album, ‘Kum’ and from their previous release, ‘Buran’. “We think the Jaipur Music Stage is important for not only us but any artiste as it exposes our music to a wider audience – from both India and around the world”, the band members commented about their first time at the Jaipur Music Stage.

The Jaipur Music Stage Night Market was another big crowd-puller where one could find everything from clothes to jewelry and little gifts and memorabilia. While the music took centre stage, the true connoisseurs of fine food, cocktails and merchandise made their way to the Night Market whenever they got a chance. There were some amazing goodies on offer, and quite a few bargains as well.

The energy at Day 3 of the Jaipur Music Stage was electric. Everybody was grooving along to the music and it was a treat to see this sea of people having such a good time. Award-winning artistes, a fantastic venue, sumptuous food and delicious drinks made the final evening of the Jaipur Music Stage a night  to remember.