Kids Inteligence , Mumbai empowers Homemakers through abacus training


Mumbai: Kids Inteligence Mumbai aims to foster homemakers &Professionals to join the Abacus coaching business to build a new narrative for kid’s education in the country. Kids Intelligence Mumbai, a leading Abacus Teaching & Training Institute, organized an ‘Expert Abacus Teachers Meet 2019’at Mumbai to motivate and incentivize more Homemakers & Professionals & to join the Abacus coaching business.

While addressing the gathering, Shubhada Bhave threw light on the importance of kid’s education. There is huge number of students who need Abacus education in effective way to boost their brain abilities. But the availability of trained & expert teachers are very less in comparison with Kids requirement .

Shubhada Bhave, Founder, Kids Inteligence Mumbai Said “For millions of women in India, their goals are preset by their family as getting married, having children and looking after their home. In short, becoming a homemaker. Only a homemaker can tell you how hard it is to manage the multiple demands that a household imposes on her. We all know that most women expend their energies in domestic chores and household duties. About 95% of women would be interested in working on a regular basis if only they had a chance.

She highlighted that , At Kids Inteligence, we have decided to do something for Homemakers & Professionals and hence decided to give the opportunity to learn Abacus. The Abacus is a palm-sized wooden frame with minimum five sliding rows, a calculating tool that has been in use centuries much before the adoption of the written modern numeral system. It is still widely used by merchants and traders across the globe. We have found that 1 in 2 Indian homemakers aspired to become financially independent and create their own identity when they were young.

Shubhada underlined that homemakers play an important role in moulding the future of a child.

Besides, during her speech she threw light on the history of Kids Inteligence Mumbai. Believing that each child is unique and has the potential to be a winner, and has the desire to achieve excellence in academics or in any other walk of life, Kids Inteligence Mumbai has trained more than 1000 kids to enable them to showcase their mental arithmetic prowess, she added.

Kids Inteligence Mumbai Abacus programme helps children to enjoy numbers, develop their mental skills of concentration, visual memory, listening and builds their self- confidence. It also incorporates a lot of fun through games and puzzles. With the fear of math out of their way; kids surprisingly begin to enjoy doing numbers. The Abacus programme helps kids to energies their brains to do new tasks. It has been seen that after taking part in this activity , children improve their ability to learn, do their school work faster and have more free time to pursue their respective passions.

Kids Inteligence, engaged in providing end to end solutions for brain development of child with quality education. Institute serves as the basis and plays an important role for future learning. With the aim to meet aspirations of children, Kids Intelligence have been offering quality education services since 2008.

Hopefully, Kids Inteligence initiative will have a ripple effect and will touch many homemakers & professional lives.