KIIT organized an online session on New Education Policy (NEP)


Gurugram: To introduce the changes in education system, KIIT World School ,Gurugram organized an online session for parents to give detailed information about the New Education Policy (NEP) and all the related schemes. The session was organized to create awareness on the new education policy among teachers, students, parents, officials and other stakeholders in the higher education system.

New Education Policy focuses on changes in educational structure, holistic assessment, and importance of extracurricular activities, skills development, technology, digital empowerment, Artificial Intelligence and also facilitating foreign universities. Policy states that kids will be also taught in their mother tongue or regional language ‘up to the fifth class.

Principal of KIIT World School Dr. Neelima Kamrah detailed about New Education Policy while addressing the parents. She further added, the new education policy is going to be a milestone related to education in the history of our country and the country is going to become a global superpower. Students will be able to learn value associated with practical life apart from bookish knowledge’’

The NEP will recognize and respect the various abilities of the students. The new education policy will prove to be effective in laying the foundation for the correct development of children and their strong future.


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