KLF Bhav Samvad hosted entrepreneur, author of the book ‘Future Shock’ Dr. Sandeep Goyal, chairman & editor in chief of BW Businessworld, Dr. Anurag Batra

New Delhi: The online platform of Kalinga Literary Festival hosted media entrepreneur and author of the book ‘Future Shock’ Dr. Sandeep Goyal and the chairman and editor in chief of BW Businessworld Dr. Anurag Batra on 12th November. The discussion followed up with Dr. Goyal’s latest book ‘Future Shock’.

To began the conversation, Anurag expressed, “When you’re writing a book about future, you need to look back at the history.”

He also commented on the need for source credibility, authenticity, health benefits are very necessary.

“The DIY(do it yourself) economy has manifested itself in so many manners in the last few months,” said Batra.

Th germination of book’s idea happened due to pandemic. Sandeep said, “When the pandemic started, the businesses were shut off, roads were closed. There was just one inevitable question”what next?” That’s where this book Future Shock was born. The Essays for the book was about 5000 words and it got a massive response.

“Last pandemic happened 100 years back and In the interim of time, world has changed, technology has changed, healthcare has changed , life has changed, possibly everything has changed,” he adds further.

Sandeep mentions, “It was very interesting to see What elements of today will be reflected in future, that would look bigger, sharper Whatever we consume, we look for a stamp of reassurance. The trend of home cooking is going to change. Homemade Food is going to taste same as restaurant food only by changing the cooking gas and cook food at 700 degrees more. The classroom has finally come home through online classes.”

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