KnowledgeHut Offers Career Reboot Program to Support Women Resuming Work After a Career Break

New Delhi:  KnowledgeHut, one of the world’s leading short-duration technology skills providers, announced the launch of a Career Reboot Program for women, which is curated through scholarships, to enable them to adapt to the new paradigm of the business ecosystem, as they return after the career break. The company has ensured that this program is offered cost-effectively, to empower more women to build skillset, as per the industry requirements and stay relevant to optimise the opportunities.

The global IT industry is faced with a severe labour shortage, which has been further exacerbated by the exit of women from the workforce due to the pandemic. A recent report from the World Economic Forum found that women were already underrepresented in STEM-related professions, and the pandemic led digital transformation has led to further reduced gender diversity in the work force.

The mission of KnowledgeHut is to better equip women with technical, management and soft skills for the future through an outcome-based immersive learning approach. More than 50% of the workforce is now finding the need to significantly reskill and up skill to stay relevant in the workplace. A World Economic Forum LinkedIn study found that while women hold 56% of university degrees overall, just 36% have STEM degrees, and they make up only 25% of the STEM workforce. Further, 22% of AI professionals and 12% of machine-learning experts are women, the study found. It recommended that targeted reskilling could accelerate gender diversity as due to the evolving technology, there is a need to reskill or up skill every five years.

Commenting on the new offering, Subramanyam Reddy, CEO, upGrad KnowledgeHut said, “Gender gaps are estimated to cost our economies a very significant 15% of GDP. The foremost underlying factor causing large numbers of women across the world to drop out of the corporate workforce is the burden of caregiving. It has been observed that women are apprehensive about returning to work after a break due to the lack of confidence in skillsets and evolved workplace trends. Not only does up skilling create a great opportunity for women to fill crucial talent and skills gaps, but it also creates opportunities to dispel scepticism in the workplace and build credibility.”

KnowledgeHut Career Reboot program is an initiative, to provide a launch pad for women, who have taken a break from their career, due to any circumstances. Through this program, KnowledgeHut aims to provide training to help women up skill so that they can transition back to work effectively and add value to achieve the business goals of the company.