Korea Maritime & Ocean University: Held an industry-academic scholarship delivery ceremony with Daeyang Electric Industrial and Halla IMS


On the 26th , the ‘ Industry- University Scholarship Delivery Ceremony ‘ was held at the Industry-University Hub Hall with Daeyang Electric Industrial and Halla IMS , a KOSDAQ-listed company in Busan . This event was held following the business agreement signed with each company, and was prepared for the development of the university and nurturing of human resources .

The event was attended by major university professors, including President Doh Do-hee . Daeyang Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO Seo Young-woo and Halla IMS Co-CEO Ji Seok-jun attended .

According to the ‘ Business Agreement on the Operation of Industry-University Scholarship System ‘ signed in March , Daeyang Electric Industries delivered a scholarship of 1.5 million won each to 10 students of our university . A total of 15 million won . Halla IMS also delivered a total of 8 million won in scholarships to 8 Korea Maritime University students, 1 million won each . Halla IMS previously signed a ‘ business agreement on the operation of the industry-academic scholarship system ‘ in April .

This scholarship delivery is meaningful in that it actually delivered the scholarship following the previous business agreement . Starting with this scholarship, Korea Maritime University and these companies decided to establish a mutual cooperation system and promote joint development .

President Doh Do-hee said, “ As the importance of industry-university cooperation is increasing day by day , our university will continue to expand its scale starting with this collaboration with Halla IMS and Daeyang Electric Industry. ” I would like to express my thanks and congratulations to the scholarship students . ”

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