Korea Maritime & Ocean University: International Maritime Research Institute, 2024 World Maritime Historians Conference

The Institute of International Maritime Affairs at Woori University ( Director Moon-Soo Jung ) has successfully hosted the 9th World Congress of Marine Historians in Busan in 2024 . This was recently achieved through the final competition with the Estonian Museum and the University of Finland at the 8th Annual General Meeting of the International Maritime Historians Association held in Porto, Portugal .

The World Society of Maritime Historians is the best academic conference in the field of maritime history . In June 1989 , the International Journal of Maritime History (IJMH ) was founded .

Since the 1st World Congress of Marine Historians was held in Liverpool in 1992 , the World Society of Marine Historians , Amsterdam / Rotterdam (1992), Esberg (1996), Corfu (2000), Greenwich (2008), Ghent (2012), Fremantle (2016) and Porto (2022) are mainly held in Europe, mainly by Western scholars .

The 8th conference was also held in Porto, Portugal on the 29th of last month, and scholars from 30 countries around the world participated and presented a total of 180 papers .

On the other hand, the 9th World Congress of Marine Historians is expected to be held in Busan . This is the first international conference of marine historians held in a non-European region .

In this case , Professor Seong-Jun Kim of the School of Navigation and Convergence delivered an induction speech with the slogan of ‘ contributing to the diversification of the Society of Maritime History ‘ . While the World Society of Marine Historians has been looking for ways to overcome the limitations of Europe and the West , Professor Seong-Jun Kim, who participated as the representative of the International Institute of Ocean Studies, played a big role in this presentation .

The International Maritime Research Institute, the leading institution , cooperates with the World Committee of Maritime Culture Institute, the Korean Society for Shipping and Logistics , the Korea Association of Shipping and Port Academic Associations , and the Asian Maritime University Association in Far East Asia , South Asia , the Middle East , India , and Africa . The plan is to contribute to the diversification of the Society of Maritime History by attracting the participation of marine historians.

Jung Moon- soo , director of the Institute for International Maritime Studies, said, “ It has proven that the International Institute of Oceans and Oceans , the origin of research on the relationship between the humanities and the humanities at home and abroad, is a platform for the study of world history . I expect it to be a good opportunity to publicize the current issues, ” he said .