Korea Maritime & Ocean University: MOU with KOTRA Invest KOREA to attract foreign investment

Korea Maritime University ( President Doh Do-hee , President ) has signed a business agreement with Invest KOREA ( CEO Sang -hyeon Jang ) , the foreign investment promotion agency of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) , to promote foreign investment attraction and foster local talent .

The MOU ceremony held at the university headquarters on the 11th was attended by major officials from both institutions, including President Doh Do-hee of Korea Maritime University and Sang-hyeon Jang, CEO of Invest KOREA .

According to the agreement, the two organizations will actively cooperate in business such as information exchange to stimulate foreign investment attraction . In particular, we will engage in mutual cooperation to recruit talents for foreign-invested companies and provide relevant information .

Following the business agreement, the two organizations also held a ‘KOTRA visiting foreign-invested company ( hereinafter referred to as foreign-invested company ) recruitment briefing session ‘ at Korea Maritime University on the 12th .

At this briefing, the first official collaboration project in connection with the agreement, Invest KOREA provided information on foreign-invested company recruitment trends and foreign-invested companies in Busan to students of Korea Maritime University .

Foreign-invested companies are companies in which foreigners, including foreign corporations, own 10% or more of their total stocks or total investment .

Sang-hyeon Jang , CEO of KOTRA Invest KOREA , said , “ Through this agreement, a long-term cooperative relationship between the two organizations has been established . said .

President Doh Do-hee of Korea Maritime University said, “ High reliability is necessary for external investment, but prior to this, investors ’ awareness of Korean society must be raised. ” We will directly and indirectly increase our willingness to invest from outside while fulfilling our role, ” he said .