Krea University hosts Convocation 2022 for PhD students, MBA batches and the founding cohort of the undergraduate school

Chennai: Krea University hosted the Convocation ceremony for its MBA Cohorts of 2020 and 2021, and the PhD, MBA, and UG Cohorts of 2022 at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall (Lady Andal School), Chennai.

Industry leader Dr Naushad Forbes and multi-faceted scholar Prof Velcheru Narayana Rao were the guests of honor, where in Dr Forbes joined the ceremony virtually owing to COVID-19. A pleasant surprise awaited the students as Dr Raghuram Rajan made an unexpected entrance, and shared a message packed with wisdom and encouragement with the graduating cohorts.

The graduates were conferred with degrees in the presence of Chancellor N Vaghul, Chairman of the Executive Committee Kapil Viswanathan, Vice-Chancellor Prof S Sivakumar, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Professional Learning Ramkumar Ramamoorthy, Inaugural Vice-Chancellor Prof Sunder Ramaswamy, Divisional Chairs, faculty and other members of the Krea community.

Dr Naushad Forbes addressed the students via Zoom from his residence at Pune, “As young graduates, you are ideally placed to provide the leadership to meet these challenges – addressing our key economic challenge of employment by placing the promotion of employment generating things like tourism and manufacturing at the centre of our growth story so we include all 1.4 billion people in our progress. Addressing climate change, through a mix of new technology and incentives such as a carbon tax to move the country in a low carbon direction. Using our federal structure to improve governance and unleash social and economic development so the average Indian’s life is better. All this is a huge challenge. But it is precisely this point that there is so much to do, so much need everywhere, so much opportunity to contribute at work and in our community that makes for purpose in life.“

Addressing an elated crowd, Dr Raghuram Rajan added, “We have come through a huge challenge and what we have found is that challenges are make you stronger and more resilient. Krea University has been tested and the verdict is that we have survived and become stronger.

The Undergraduates passing out today deserve a special mention for taking a chance on Krea when you joined three years ago. The traditions you have created are now imprinted in the culture of the University. The Business School graduates have also come through tough times but you pass out with the knowledge that the skills gained will stand you in good stead as you embark on the careers that you choose going forward.

In many ways your graduation from Krea University is proof that dreams do come true, as Krea itself was a dream half a decade ago amongst a few individuals, who shared their dream with many others. Your graduation is part realisation of that dream. It does not end here. We need to dream on so that Krea University becomes not only the best University in India but the best in the World.

I am often asked for career advice and would like to leave you with three thoughts;

1. Know yourself. Learn who you really are, what truly enthuses you what truly excites you.

2. Challenge yourself. If things are easy then you are not growing. You don’t know who you truly are. Find something that tests you. You will find the hidden depths within yourself

3. Take others with you. You owe it to the society that you grew up in, the country that has nurtured you, to give something back. Giving back is not a chore but a privilege a source of fulfilment that we should all seek

Let me congratulate you once again and wish you all the best”

The Convocation included the awarding of ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’ to three IFMR GSB alumni for their exceptional accomplishments and contributions.

On the occasion Vice-Chancellor, Krea University, Prof S Sivakumar said, “From its inception, Krea University has been envisioned as an attempt to make a unique contribution to education and research with a focus on cultivating ethics, creativity and interwoven thinking among its students. Our first convocation ceremony on 2nd July 2022 celebrates the success of our endeavour. It represents the culmination of the efforts of students, faculty and staff who, despite the pandemic years, worked tirelessly with dedication and focus. Our students have successfully secured admission in prestigious universities, placements in reputed corporates and opportunities to work with NGOs. These achievements reflect the quality of education and value they receive at Krea University. Broad exposure to various domains of knowledge and methods is necessary for students to learn on their own. By providing students such exposure, we are fulfilling Krea’s goal of life-long, self-directed learning sparked by curiosity and underpinned by the determination to ask challenging questions. Our students will also be the natural choice for any vocation that requires understanding situations from multiple perspectives. Finally, we see our students as leaders who will strive to uphold ethical values and fairness in any path they pursue. On behalf of the faculty and staff of Krea, I wish every graduating student success in all their endeavours.”

The Convocation also witnessed a component of Krea’s Interwoven Learning reflected in the academic regalia of the graduates. They will be wearing custom printed Ikat stoles designed by renowned Delhi-based designer, curator and textile revivalist, Sandhya Raman. On the inspiration behind the design Raman adds, “The stoles were designed keeping in mind Krea University’s philosophy, and the concept was developed based on the ideology of interweaving. Drawing inspiration from the textile traditions of Ikat, the textiles which flow from three distinct styles yet are commonly known as one. This is how it blends to create an impact of progressive waves as each colour merges and rises to be distinct yet harmoniously blends together, creating strength as a group. A design to show the growth of each student as an individual as well as a team. The colours for each of the different programmes celebrate the stage of achievements.”