KU Leuven: KU Leuven climbs to 42nd place in THE World University Rankings

The order in the THE ranking is based on parameters in four domains: education, research, internationalization and valorization. Education and research together determine the lion’s share of the score: 90%. In addition, 7.5% of the final score is based on the international character of an institution and 2.5% on income from the business world ( ‘industry income’) .

Remarkable: for income from the business world, KU Leuven has improved its good score from last year. Worldwide, the university is now in 25th place for this domain. KU Leuven also scores particularly well for research. Positive outliers include the number of scientific publications per researcher and the income from research. KU Leuven also made progress for the education parameter.

The THE ranking is usually considered the most complete because the ranking of universities is based on a broad set of parameters. Moreover, THE combines objectively measurable parameters such as business income and the number of publications with reputation scores from surveys.

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