Language Technology Startup Process9 launches latest version of its Neural Machine Translations in 13 Indian languages; doubles translator’s output


New Delhi : Process 9, India’s leading language technology company, has released the latest version of its cloud-based neural machine translation technology – MoxWave. This new Made in India SaaS product can translate content into 13 Indian languages, including a popular mix of Hindi and English (Hinglish). More Indian and global languages are being added to the product.


One of MoxWave’s key features is its ability to be tailored for particular domains like BFSI, e-commerce, Govt/PSU or chatbots. With customization, the translation caters to the target audience by using words that are specific to the industry. Companies and individual translators can even use their own data to train the software so that it can produce an output of higher quality.


“We are excited to share that our Machine Translation has gained the support of major players in the market, including Paytm, Flipkart, Bajaj Finance, and some government agencies for content translation. Additionally, the accuracy of MoxWave’s translation is assessed using the BiLingual Evaluation Understudy (BLEU) score analysis. We are happy to report that MoxWave has a score of over 0.6 or above in most of the languages, meaning the translation it provides is comparable to that of a human,” says Vidushi Kapoor, Co-founder & CEO, Process9.


Businesses can even use MoxWave’s machine translation to implement different add-ons that will make it simpler to access it. It can even translate a website or mobile app’s content all at once in combination with MoxVeda, Process 9’s industry-leading website and app localization platform.


“MoxWave has allowed translators to increase their daily output by two to three times because the translations are based on current language usage and require little to no editing. It has been well-accepted by businesses looking to improve their Indian language SEO rankings quickly. With MoxWave, they can quickly and affordably translate all of their blogs and SEO content. As we approach 2023, the translation industry must employ MoxWave to reduce human intervention while maximizing benefits,” added Kapoor.