Launch of e-Learning course on Gender Equality at UNESCO

The Division for Gender Equality is glad to announce the launch of the new e-learning course on Gender Equality at UNESCO.

This training builds on content developed by the Division for Gender Equality to enhance the capacity of UNESCO staff in gender mainstreaming both in face-to-face training sessions as well as in the first version of the e-Learning tool launched in 2008. This training has been developed in close consultation with different sectors at UNESCO.

Through this training, participants will get familiar with the key terms and concepts used in the area of Gender Equality and will learn how to use the main tools available to ensure successful Gender Mainstreaming in their daily work. The training includes concrete examples to help understand what we should all do to uphold the Organization’s Global Priority Gender Equality.

We have accelerated the launch of this course due to the coronavirus situation and the training is currently in its Beta version, only available to UNESCO staff members. As soon as the training becomes available to the general public we will announce it on this webpage.

For questions on the content of the course, or other questions on Gender Equality at UNESCO, please contact [email protected](link sends e-mail) For questions on accessing the course, or other questions on MyLearning, please contact [email protected]