LETI: LETI Presented Its Developments at the 5th Innovative St. Petersburg Medical Forum

The 5th St. Petersburg Innovative Medical Forum was held on May 18-21 at the Almazov National Medical Research Center.

At the plenary session, Viktor Sheludko, Rector of LETI, made a speech on the main areas of cooperation in education and research of the university and Almazov Scientific Research Center.

“As we develop IT solutions for the healthcare of the future, we must not forget the need to train professionals capable of working with these systems. In addition, the digital transformation of medicine will inevitably lead to difficulties for specialists in different scientific fields in establishing clear and precise communication with each other. These are the challenges that we have to address.”

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of LETI
As part of the forum, a large-scale exhibition took place, where representatives of several LETI research teams presented their advanced developments. For example, visitors and journalists could see a model of a compact device for accurate and rapid measurement of the body’s functional indicators (pulse, heart rate, etc.). Such devices are used for testing and training Russian cosmonauts.

Everyone could check neuromotor indicators of their body with a strain gauge tremograph. Researchers also presented a device for transluminescent diagnostics of caries, a compact noninvasive glucometer (the device does not require taking blood samples), and a digital portable X-ray system for medical diagnostics, which can be safely used for infants.

“The developments presented at the forum by LETI are now actively used in various spheres of healthcare. These include compact electronics, high-precision diagnostic devices, and systems for fast processing of large amounts of patient data. Such projects, among other things, are the results of many years of work and cooperation between our scientists and specialists of the Almazov Center.”

Anna Glazova, Head of Portable Medical Systems and Complexes at LETI
The Innovative St. Petersburg Medical Forum was held with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as part of the program of the world-class research center “Center for Personalized Medicine.”