Siberian Federal University: A Text about Yixing Ceramics Brings a SibFU’s Student a Victory in an International Translation Competition

Anastasia Suvorova, a student of the SibFU’s School of Philology and Language Communication, became a winner of the Translation as a Vector for the Preservation of National and World Cultural Heritage international competition.

The student presented the jury with a Russian translation of a Chinese text about Yixing ceramics — a special type of Chinese ceramics produced only in the city of Yixing.

“I translated from Chinese into Russian. It was a popular-science text, so the style was not overly complex. The main difficulty for me personally was in technical nuances, since the text, in particular, talked about the technology of preparing clay for making tableware from it. Nevertheless, the translation was completed, and they told that it was quite close to the professional version,” said Anastasia.

Polina Plotnikova and Arina Sibirskaya from the School of Philology and Language Communication were also among the winners, and more 16 SibFU students became prize-winners in various nominations.

A total of 869 applications were submitted for the competition, 330 works of participants from 57 universities of Russia and countries of near and far abroad passed the selection stage. The competition languages were: Khakass, Tajik, Tuvan, Kazakh, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic.

“Approximately 40% of all winners are students of Siberian Federal University. Considering the number of participating universities, including foreign ones, this is a good indicator. The winners received certificates signed by representatives of Moscow State University, which indicates the recognition of these results at a high level. And, of course, these results will be included in the portfolio of our students and will be taken into account in further education,” said Ekaterina Eryomina, assistant professor of the Department of Germanic Languages and Cross-cultural Communication at the SibFU’s School of Philology and Language Communication, commenting on the results of the competition.