Leverage Edu launches India’s Largest Study Abroad Scholarship Worth ₹5,00,00,000!

New Delhi: Leverage Edu announced today the launch of India’s Largest Study Abroad Scholarship for Indian students who are planning to study overseas for the upcoming academic intakes. As part of the initiative, students can apply by submitting an application that asks them why they deserve the scholarship. This democratises access to students in any corner of India, to get waivers on their tuition fees, living expenses, win laptops, waiver on costs to cover excursions, and a lot more at-campus stuff – which would get them closer to their dream of being a global citizen in a borderless world. The scholarship of ₹5,00,00,000 is expected to benefit hundreds of students.


“As a student-first platform, it is our religion to enable students’ dreams in every possible way. Over time, we have worked on widening out access to the right career advice, which would help every student punch above their weight. Understanding that outcomes here are linked to ‘what a student does post university’, we have used our pedagogy to work with students on first doing what they are uniquely best at, and then linking it to post graduation jobs. Our matching algorithms, virtual fair platform, and multiple other features are all built with the same vision of making the student win. Hence, the next logical step here was understanding that ‘financial consideration is also a limiting factor’ for some. This became more apparent as our customer base has grown to be over 60 percent from non metro parts of India, where a little help can go a long way. The Leverage Edu scholarship program is meant to ease pressure on students, and is going to see some landing up offers that will bring down their tuition fees, while for others it will indirectly cover their other at-campus expenses, that can help them be successful at University,” said Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder & CEO, Leverage Edu while announcing the Scholarship and cutting the virtual ribbons at https://leverageedu.com/scholarships


The scholarship has a rolling application and the winners will be announced every fortnight. When asked about how students would be judged for the scholarship, Akshay commented, “We are looking for really driven students who believe in their hearts that the opportunity to go abroad can level up their lives and consequently of their families. They would be judged on merit of their answers and profile; winners will be chosen by a jury of academia and senior professionals that we’ve put together”.


The scholarship is open for all students applying through the Leverage Edu platform. Further information can be accessed at https://leverageedu.com/scholarships