Lido Learning pulls in 25% new organic users amid Covid-19

Delhi: Online tutoring platform Lido Learning is gaining immense traction with students becoming more digitally inclined amid the social distancing period. Catering to the K-12 market for students from Class 5-9, Lido offers classes in Math, Science and English. The platform has observed 25% new organic users visiting the website daily since the beginning of March as well as a 2x pull in acceptability and adaptability of users. The company has also initiated a new outreach model which will provide additional data in terms of quantifying demand.

While schools, workplaces and even recreational centres have been shut down with immediate effect, EdTech companies have filled the education gap for students seamlessly. Hence, students as well as parents are steering towards digital platforms to bridge the learning gap.

Continuous learning is imperative for a child’s holistic development and therefore Lido Learning is a no-brainer solution for students to continue building upon their skills while also staying safe and practising social distancing.

While individualized attention towards every student is the need of the hour, Lido Learning has always ensured that the teacher-student ratio is always 1:6, ensuring that each of their academic progress is monitored and built upon individually.

With the Government also promoting online education in recent announcements, Lido Learning aims to deliver the best learning experience for each student with state-of-the-art technology, engaging content involving quizzes and games, coupled with highly-qualified faculty.