LMD holds UT wide road shows to mark National Consumer Day

Departmental teams educate people about Consumer Rights


JAMMU : Legal Metrology Department organized a series of Roadshows to mark the National Consumer Day, observed every year on December 24.

The road shows were held in prominent markets across all districts of UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

A road show was also held in Jammu University and some city colleges.

During the road shows, officers practically demonstrated the consumers about their rights as consumers.

The officers, while highlighting the importance of consumer rights, stressed upon the consumers to apply their informed choices to buy goods from the market and assert their right as vigilant consumers. The officers practically demonstrated the aspects pertaining to Legal Metrology in protecting rights as consumers. The demonstrations included awareness about declarations on packaged commodities, safety measures, warranty, potency, purity which are required to be looked upon by consumers on all the goods including electronic products, packaged commodities Fast Moving Consumer Goods, LPG cylinders etc. before purchase. Besides this, demonstrations were given about net content checking in LPG cylinders, measurement of delivery from the petrol pumps. The consumers were made aware to ensure “zero” reading before the start of dispensing of fuel. The officers highlighted the importance of the department in protection of Consumer Rights and informed that they can approach the department in case of complaints. The consumers were also advised to secure purchase bills as the same can be used for redressal of grievances by the department.