LPU collaborates with Adani Group to make India Cleaner

Jalandhar: Lovely Professional University has integrated Project Swachhagraha in the curriculum of 1st year students. ‘Trash the trash’ is the title of this innovative endeavour under the project. More than 6,000 students of the university, hailing from across India, are taking part in it. The students are taking up assignments related to anti-littering during this summer vacation. The aim of the assignment is to create awareness towards anti-littering in the community through these young crusaders. Each participating student has to Explore, Discover, Think and Share (EDTAS) the problem-solving strategy for anti-littering in a community or locality.

Swachhagraha – Swachhata ka Satyagraha, is an initiative of the Adani Foundation. This innovative Behavioural Change Education Programme draws inspiration from ‘Satyagraha’ spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle movement. Like Swatyagraha, Project Swachhagraha catalyses action through tremendous patience and perseverance, in the process instilling a sense of duty, dignity and self-respect in the minds of citizens. It aims to engage people in bringing about a change, similar in a scale to that of India’s freedom movement, in the form of ‘Creating a Culture of Cleanliness’.

Ms Shillin R Adani, Trustee, Adani Foundation said, “A culture of cleanliness or Swachhagraha has the power of overcoming many societal evil and heralding progress in the form of prosperity, wellbeing, even harmony and peace. I congratulate the young ambassadors from LPU for taking up this noble mission and wish them success in their endeavours in building a cleaner India.”

On this tie-up, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shares: “India’s pollution levels are some of the highest in the world, as eleven out of the 12 most polluted cities on a World Health Organization (WHO) list are in India. Through such an initiative, we too want to put a bit of ours by creating awareness about pollution-free clean India.”

Adani Foundation has collaborated with 5,700 schools and institutions under Project Swachhagraha across 19 states of India, enrolling more than 80,000 swachhagraha dal members, spreading message further to 26,50,000 students.