Sudeep Nagarkar’s new book “The Secrets We Keep” launched in Bhubaneswar at KLF corner in association with Oxford Bookstore, Penguin

Bhubaneswar: Kalinga Literary Festival’s monthly community meet KLF Corner hosted the launch of the book “The Secrets We Keep” of the nationally acclaimed author Sudeep Nagarkar in association with Penguin Publications, India and Oxford Bookstores, India. Sudeep Nagarkar is the new wave sensational celebrity writer for the young generation. And yesterday, the youth mass of temple city Bhubaneswar was crowded to see their favourite storyteller with a treat of the release of his eleventh book. Stepping inside the venue, Nagarkar was warmly welcomed by his fans and KLF Team members, Debamitra Mishra, Saranya Das , Jagdish Behera, the managing head of Oxford Bookstore, Bhubaneswar felicitated him.

The programme was coordinated by KLF Team members, Debamitra Mishra, Saranya Das and the manager of Oxford Bookstore, Jagdish Behra.

The author of ten other books based on the genre love and friendship, Nagarkar, who had switched to the genre of thriller this time, said, “To keep readers engaged and justifying their expectations in your writing you have to keep on exploring and experimenting. Repetition in continuity will eventually lack with the charm. Though I have written love stories and friendship tales, I personally love thrillers. This time there is another dish on the plate.” Further, he added that may it romance, may be mythology, or may it be thriller, the thing that matters the most is the quality and approach of the story. Not everyone having skilled vocabulary could write. Unless he is not a storyteller, the story will not fall into place.

Nagarkar said that taking writing as a full time job was never a possibility without the support of his parents. The crowd flooded Nagarkar with questions with curiosity, love and respect. With signing the copies of his latest book, Nagarkar wished his readers to explore “secrets” which keep on being a part of our lives sometimes in the form of past and decide whatever movement our present and future will take.