LPU Students organized ‘United Nations Model Conference’at the campus with 400 participants from 60 Institutions

Jalanadhar: Students organization ‘United Nations Youth Community’ at Lovely Professional University organized mega-event ‘United Nations Model Conference-2017’at the campus with 400 participants from 60 Institutions. The conference proved a real-life replica of the prestigious world organizations like UNGA (United Nations General Assembly), UNCSW (United Nations Commission on Status of Women), ECOSOC (United Nations Economic & Social Council), UNSC (United Nations Security Council), UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), and IP (International Press). The conference enabled students to combat real-life situations by impersonating themselves as delegates of different United Nations member countries like Prime Ministers, Presidents, Spokespersons and more. One could see a student in the simulated form of PM of India sharing his point of view about Kashmir and terrorism with his counterpart-students turned leaders from US, UK, China, Japan, Ghana, Brazil, Pakistan, Iran and more. High-flying morale and new-found confidence were the best things these students imbibed in.

Focusing on international issues students’ UNGA committee discussed “eradicating the ISIS with special emphasis on protecting the flow of weapons of mass destruction and small arms to non state actors”; UNHRC covered “Reassessing the rights of a prisoner”; UNSC debated on “Hostilities in the Indian subcontinent with special emphasis on Kashmir”; ECOSOC touched “the role of globalization in fostering peace, democracy and social justice”; and UNCSW put forward “the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and deprivation of rights with special emphasis on religious antiquated practice like female genital mutilation”. This all was covered by student members representing IP (International Press).

In fact, conference aimed to encourage individuals interested in ideating and debating on key national and global issues. Each of the participants gained better insight into the subtleties of international affairs. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated students for successful organization and outcome of the conference which inculcated great leadership qualities and skills among students.

Participating students Faiz Khan from Law College of Dehradoon, Gafarasi Christian from Rwanda, B Tech Bio-tech student at LPU Yash Sethi admitted unanimously: “This massive congregation of student-delegates at six-committee event proved a tremendous success. Three-Day conference widened our vision for common voice world over to correct the wrongdoers and help the global society. We feel elated on forming important United Nations committees. The event has indeed provided us all a strong forum to sharpen our minds to take on leadership positions through exposure to foreign and public policy formulations.”