Lyricist Gulzar and Minister Dr. Sadho release book of Arushi Sanstha

Bhopal : Culture Minister Dr. Vijayalakshmi Sadho and noted lyricist Shri Gulzar visited The Sanskar Valley School today to be with the differently abled children. They jointly released Smt. Shefali Tripathi Mehta’s book “Ek Koshish: The Story of Arushi”. The preface of the book has also been written by Shri Gulzar, who has been associated with Arushi for many years.

During the programme, Shri Gulzar said that the efforts of Arushi are highly appreciable. He told that he has been associated with this institution and the children who are trained here, when the children used to learn to listen, speak and understand by listening to audio. He called upon people to be a part of the journey of Arushi. He expressed the hope that the children of Arushi would also be able to study in normal schools.

Minister Dr. Sadho said that the two words of the title of the book “Ek Koshish….” actually depicts the attempt to light up the lives of disabled children. Lauding the dedicated efforts of Arushi Sanstha, she said that the government and society will have to be connected to the efforts of this institute.

Smt. Jyoti Agarwal welcomed Shri Gulzar and took him around the school premises. Giving information about the book Shri Anil Mudgal of Arushi said that the book has details of the success of the disabled through life’s difficulties. Shri Sudhir Agarwal and Publisher Shri Vikas Rakheja were present on the occasion.