Rashtriya Balrang Mahotsav is a unique confluence of the country’s cultural heritage: Minister Dr. Chaudhary

Bhopal : School Education Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary said at the concluding ceremony of the Rashtriya Balrang Mahotsav organized at the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya that this Mahotsav is really a unique confluence of the country’s cultural heritage. The carriers of this heritage are the children of today. The Mahotsav is a platform for these children to share the diversities of social, cultural characteristics, attire, art, dance, food etc. of their regions.

Minister Dr. Chaudhary said that participation in other creative activities apart from education is must for the all round development of children. This helps the children learn discipline, self-reliance, management etc. Dr. Chaudhary visited the Samarth and Laghu Bharat Exhibition and appreciated the STEAM education system and the Umang module put up by the children. He tasted delicious dishes prepared by the children at various stalls in the food zone and rewarded the winners of the competitions. On this occasion, Public Relations Minister Shri P.C. Sharma and Commissioner Public Instructions Smt. Jayashri Kiyawat were also present.

Sikkim stood first, Haryana second and Himachal Pradesh third in the cultural dance at the Mahotsav. Madhya Pradesh bagged the first and Chhattisgarh received the second consolation prize. Awards of Samarth and Small India Exhibition, Food Zone, Croft etc. were also distributed. Child journalists interviewed all the guests and presented them with Bal-Patra. The first 5 cultural dances by child artists left the audience spellbound.