Madhya Pradesh: Sisters of Christian community making masks along with care of disabled

Bhopal : Sisters of Christian community in Ujjain are making and delivering masks to the needy apart from taking care of mentally challenged children. About 8-10 mentally challenged children staying in local Psycho-development Enablement Centres have not been able to go home due to lockdown. Sisters serving at the Samarth Centre, Pushpa Mission Hospital, St. Mary’s Convent School etc. have made more than 1000 masks so far while taking care of these children.

Bishop Sebastian Vadakel has handed over the masks stitched by the Sisters to the officers of the Police Department. Along with this service, the Christian community is also distributing food grain to the needy poor families. Bishop Vadakel said that the community’s Krupa Welfare Society, Madhya Pradesh Disabled Assistance Committee and Sisters of Nirmala Church Chandesari have contributed immensely in this work. In this hour of crisis with a feeling of Sarvadharma Samabhava, this contribution of the Christian community of Ujjain has become an example for the city.