Mahima Makwana Aces Fire And Tandav Sequence

Mumbai: An actor’s life is not easy. They have to keep up and be on-the-job 24×7. Such is an interesting story shared by the protagonist of STAR Plus’ daily, Mahima Makwana who plays the role of Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh. She aced the fire and tandav sequence which left everyone on set in awe of her.

Doing a fire sequence is never an easy task for an actor and so was it for Mahima. She revealed that she was quite prepared in her mind for the sequence. She further elaborated, “There were fire instructors and masters for my security. There were fire lit up everywhere in the house, the moment my director said – ‘Action.’ I had to walk in the house and no matter how strong you are, you get scared to see yourself surrounded in fire. On top of everything, I had to emote and act and I was so scared of the fire falling on me.”

Another challenging task for Mahima was to perform tandav, she told us, “I am not a classical dancer. I did not get time to rehearse and everything was done on the spot. It was a difficult task for me and I got minor injuries too but it feels nice when the outcome is good and you are showered with appreciations.”

It is important to be surrounded with a bunch of positive people at work and Mahima is the lucky one to be blessed with it. She adds, “We have got a very lovely team to work with and we all are like family and I feel happy about it. We just shoot and enjoy. It’s a good feeling to have such amazing people around.”

Kudos to you Mahima! Keep up the good work!