“Man in the Humanitarian Space”: Results of the History Quiz

The Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, with the support of the Office of Pre-University and Career Guidance, summed up the results of the historical quiz.
During March, the historical quiz of the Open Interregional Competition “Man in the Humanitarian Space” was held.

Conducting a quiz has become a traditional form of testing humanitarian knowledge among students of general education organizations in retrospect of military and economic events, social processes, local history, ethnography and culture of the European North in the context of all-Russian history. A distinctive feature of the historical quiz is its basic concept – a person as an object and subject of the historical past. In this regard, all questions, one way or another, are dedicated to people – participants in events, creators, witnesses, historians.

I.N. Ruzhinskaya, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian History, the main organizer of the quiz:

Throughout the years of the competition, its organizers from among the teachers and staff of PetrSU strive to identify talented youth. As evidenced by the long-term experience of the competition, participation in the history quiz provides an opportunity to show erudition, the ability to work with literature, demonstrates analytical skills when comparing visual and documentary sources, and also guides the participants when choosing a specialized education based on our university.

This year the participants of the quiz were students of the 8th – 10th grades from the Republic of Karelia, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions.

The questions proposed for consideration concerned the history of the life of the peoples of the North, significant military dates, the activities of enterprises in the scientific and economic sphere, toponymy and sports. A number of questions caused significant difficulty for most of the participants, but gave a chance to identify a group of leaders.

As a result, the best team result was shown by a group of participants from Secondary School No. 27 in Petrozavodsk. The team includes Sofia Iovleva, Artemy Mironov, Sofia Onofrey, Svetlana Radionova, Alena Fomenko.

The following participants are recognized as winners in the individual championship with a minimum score gap:

1st place – Fomenko Alena Vasilievna, MOU “Secondary School No. 27”, 9 “B” class, Petrozavodsk,
2nd place – Nikita Romanovich Evdokimov, Petrozavodsk Presidential Cadet School, 8 “E” class,
3rd place – Mironov Artemy Alekseevich, MOU “Secondary School No. 27”, class 9 “G”, Petrozavodsk.
I. N. Ruzhinskaya:

We congratulate the winners and thank all the participants of the historical quiz “Man in the Humanitarian Space” for their interest, curiosity and activity. We very much hope that the intellectual contests organized by PetrSU will allow you to expand the possibilities of your scientific and educational prospects!

The event took place within the framework of the university’s career guidance and the Development Program for the flagship university with the support of the Office of Pre-University and Career Guidance.