Meeting of the scientific section “Medicine in history” held within the framework of the 72nd All-Russian scientific conference of students and young scientists

A meeting of the scientific section “Medicine in history” was held within the framework of the 72nd All-Russian (with international participation) scientific conference of students and young scientists.
For fifteen years now, the section has been gathering at PetrSU students and young scientists who are interested in medicine in a historical context. Future doctors, pharmacists, historians, specialists of the country’s agro-industrial complex share the results of their scientific developments with the jury. During the existence of this section, many of its participants got an excellent start in science, demonstrating the successful potential of traditional student conferences at PetrSU. For example, a member of the section jury, Natalya Yuryevna Kuznetsova, head of the Department of pre-university and career guidance work of PetrSU, successfully defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of historical sciences. Member of the jury, Philip Dmitrievich Voronov, pharmacist of the pharmacy chain in Karelia, became the winner of the Fulbright scientific mobility program (USA).

The section “Medicine in History”, as a discussion platform for research exchange, gives participants the opportunity to broadcast their scientific experience in the public space, receive important recommendations from an expert jury and a discussion exchange of views at an interdisciplinary level. As the participants themselves note, in the sessions of the “Medicine in History” section there is an extremely friendly atmosphere, sincere interest of the jury in creating conditions conducive to the fullest disclosure of young research talents. The successful implementation of this principle is largely due to the chairman of the jury, Yuri Grigorievich Pyattoev, associate professor of the Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery at PetrSU.

With the transition of the conference to a remote format, the actualization of the factors of mobile use of the online space is obvious. Therefore, the jury of the section “Medicine in History” 2020 decided to step-by-step acquaintance with the research of the participants, performed in text and presentation forms, followed by a scientific discussion.

The competition was attended by works of various topics and research methods. So, for example, Yegor Lukyanov (2nd year, Medical Institute) made an attempt to identify neurological diseases of the artist V. Van Gogh based on the analysis of his paintings. Elmira Abramova (1 course, IBEAT) reviewed the resources of balneotherapy for tuberculosis. The history of the evolution of the gynecological chair was devoted to the study of Tatyana Ustyantseva (2nd year, MI). A whole block of topics was devoted to the biographies of prominent scientists and doctors: M.D. Isserson (Dmitry Eloshin, 3rd year, IIPSN), V.P.Demikhov (Artemy Tseplyaev, 2nd year, MI). Among the prize-winners of the section “Medicine in History” 2020, the jury noted the research by Vitaly Perevertailo (2nd year, MI) on neurosurgery in a biographical context and the work of Evgenia Fedorova (4th year, IIPSN), dedicated to the history of health care in Karelia in the post-war period. The winner of the competition was Alexey Romanov (2nd year, MI), who considered the problems of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a historical retrospective.