MESC hosts Ishiguro Megumu for one of a kind workshop

New Delhi: Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) in association with Japan Foundation and AiMAP organised a workshop in New Delhi yesterday. The Workshop was being conducted by the famous Japanese animator Mr. Ishiguro Megumu.

Born in Tokyo, Mr. Ishiguro Megumu is a renowned Japanese Animator and Director who has worked as production supervisor for Ramayana: Legends of Prince Ram. He is the animation director of Ikkyu San.

The workshop’s central theme was Anime Production and Process with the participants learning about the Anime Animation processes. The workshop also talked about what goes on behind the production processes for an anime film/series.

Mr. Mohit Soni, CEO, MESC during the workshop said, “Gaining insights into one of the most popular animation processes is quite insightful for the students. We are really thankful to Mr. Ishiguro and the Japan Foundation for making this a reality for the students.”

The Workshop was attended by 110 students from the training partners specializing in Animation.