Minister of State for Education, GoI: Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh Visits IIM Bodh Gaya Campus


Bodh Gaya: Indian Institute of Management, Bodh Gaya has successfully implemented the New Education Policy vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the form of Integrated Programme in Management. The National Education Policy, 2020, is meant to provide an overarching vision and comprehensive framework for higher education institutions across the country. To congratulate the Institute on this achievement, Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, Hon’ble Minister of State for External Affairs and Education, Government of India, addressed the IIM Bodh Gaya fraternity on campus on 28th October, 2021.

Dr. Teena Bharti extended a warm welcome to the guest of the event. Dr. Vinita Sahay, Director, IIM Bodh Gaya shared how delighted the IIM Bodh Gaya fraternity is for the privilege to be in the land of enlightenment. She talked about the progress of the Institute in developing international relations, partnerships with various colleges on the IPM Programme and promoting the NEP 2020. She addressed the responsibility of academicians to make India a powerful nation in the world by 2030. Dr. Sahay concluded by thanking the Minister for his precious time.

The stage was then taken by the Minister, who, through his wise words, enlightened the audience about the National Education Policy and its key role in shaping the future of India and its youth. He expressed his contentment to see an Institute like IIM Bodh Gaya imbibing the true spirit of “National Education Policy” through its curriculum. He went on to talk about the NEP 2020 and explained how the objectives of the policy are to remodel the education system by reorienting, redesigning, and realigning its systems and outcomes. The Minister emphasised the key aspects of the initiative which focuses on a multidisciplinary approach towards education. He was delighted to talk about how IIMs, which have traditionally focused on imparting specialised knowledge, embrace the multi-faceted, multi-strata, integrative and synthetic approach towards education. The Minister praised IIM Bodh Gaya for offering an exceptional platform for academic excellence and emphasised how the Institute is contributing to creating mindful leaders and building a brighter future of India. He talked about the contemporary learning of the Gurukul System, which was filled with mental churning and learning. Talking about the holistic education system that India possessed in ancient times, he stated that the system was always focused on the overall development of the individual. He highlighted the Prime Minister’s vision of the Skill India Mission and how institutes like IIM Bodh Gaya are creating a great impact in the education sector. He acknowledged how IIM Bodh Gaya is responsible for creating socially skilled, technologically sound and emotionally active business leaders through its courses like MBA, IPM, and Ph.D. He was impressed by the Institute’s mission of creating mindful business leaders, which is the need for the future.

He mentioned how IIM, Bodh Gaya aligns with the new education policy to help embolden the work-life balance and make students ready for the challenges in times to come with no hard separation among ‘curricular’, ‘extracurricular’, or ‘co-curricular’, among ‘arts’, ‘humanities’, and ‘sciences’, or between ‘vocational’ or ‘academic’ streams. Dr. Singh concluded by offering his best to all the stakeholders of the Institute and expressed his faith in the Institute for keeping up its valuable contribution.


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