Promoting Skill Development in Solar Pumps

SwitchON Foundation launches Basic Solar Water Pump Training in India

Kolkata : SwitchON Foundation has launched a Basic Solar Water Pump Training with 180 participants. The training is being conducted on e-platform and has participants from all over the country. The training is being conducted over an online platform using innovative tools like practical videos, presentations and handbooks.


Earlier in September this year, SwitchON had initiated an Introductory Workshop on Solar Pump Technician training and more than 2000 participants had registered from over 100 institutes in 28 states. The training was conceptualised on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, i.e., 5th September 2021, and has certified the participants after the 12-hour workshop.


Vinay Jaju from SwitchON Foundation said, “We are excited to launch this programme to train youth for better career opportunities in the future. There is no doubt the solar sector is going to be a job creator, ans so we need skilled youth for installing and servicing millions of solar water pumping systems that have been and will be set up in the coming years.”


The keynote speaker at the workshop, Dr S S Arya, CEO, Agriculture Skill Council of India, said, “There is an intrinsic relation between water and agriculture. SwitchON has been working on inclusive job promotion which are sustainable and future employment oriented, also helping in climate change mitigation. Vocational training is the need of the hour and SwitchON’s training on solar pumps would be helpful for the agriculture as well as power sectors.”


The training designed by SwitchON launched with an online teaching workshop for 12 hours and thereafter 50 hours of basic solar pump technician training, which includes interactive classes with presentations, videos and online books. The training module has been designed such that participants can visualise the various aspects of the solar pumping system directly through Videos. The programme also includes assessment theoretical knowledge development through extensive assignments. Each participant is provided with a certificate from SwitchON Foundation.


Dr Praveen Saxena, CEO, Skill Council for Green Jobs was a keynote speaker at the workshop mentioned the role of promotion of green jobs in today’s economy. “Solar pumps are the future of irrigation, and training in the same would be helpful in creating the workforce to sustain the solar technical ecosystem,” he said.


“There is a huge requirement for power or fuel for agricultural growth. In order to fulfil this demand sustainably and in a climate smart way, there is a requirement for promoting solar energy which will create opportunities for solar irrigation. This challenge can be addressed by developing the skill set through such training as organised by SwitchON,” said Mr Adwait Joshi, CEO, CLEAN.


Good Energies Foundation has been supporting SwitchON’s solar pump training programmes for technicians. “SwitchON Foundation’s Solar Pump Training is helping to make sure farmers, solar technicians, and others are well informed about how to effectively use renewable energy and water-efficient irrigation to improve farm productivity across India,” said Stephanie Jones, Programme Manager at Good Energies.


Akanksha Golchha, Senior Program Manager at Clean Power Division at Shakti Foundation said, “The launch of SwithON Foundation’s solar pump training programme is timely; it will enable just transition by enhancing the skill sets of the young professionals to be engaged in the renewable energy sector.”


“We believe that SwitchON’s solar pump training is the gateway for the country’s youth to green and sustainable employment in the solar sector. We are excited to be a part of this effort,” said Jarnail Singh, Deputy Director (India) of MacArthur Foundation.


“The programme is a basic course on Solar Water Pumps where we cover theoretical training on components, design, installation and maintenance of solar pumps. There is an overwhelming response from students and the programme is beneficial for the participants in the long run,” said Somnath Chatterjee, trainer from SwitchON Foundation.


Tanushree Mondal, a first year student of Government ITI Polytechnic Indpur thanked SwitchON Foundation for the initiative and expressed her willingness to learn more about solar pumps. “This training was very beneficial for employment in the renewable energy sector, and helped in employment opportunities. I had several doubts regarding the solar technologies which were addressed clearly in the workshop.” said another participant Nikam Chakraborty, a pass-out of Baleswar College of Engineering and Technology.


In the coming years, about 50% growth is expected in solar sector jobs. The training will promote uptake of solar irrigation systems by enhanced business activities. This has not only reduced air pollution by shifting from fossil fuels like kerosene and diesel to solar energy, but also enhanced income of trainees by placements and financial linkages for entrepreneurs.


TanmoyMondal, a student of the Engineering Institute for Junior Executives participated in the workshop and said, “The training provided clear ideas about solar technology and water pumping systems.”


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