Moj hosts the first-ever ‘Moj DayOut’ for college students at Chennais Amirta IIHM – Chengalpattu

Chennai : For the first time, Moj, India’s number one short-video platform, organized an exclusive Moj DayOut at Chennais Amirta IIHM – Chengalpattu Campus. Open to all college students, the event witnessed more than 120 students come together to engage with Naveen Ricky, create fun videos and learn new tips and tricks on how to create engaging short videos. With 4.9 million followers on Moj, popular Tamil creator Naveen attended the event as a mentor to inspire budding creators from Tamil Nadu.

It is clear from multiple DayOuts held in Tamil Nadu that the state is brimming with creative and talented youngsters. During the day-long event, the college students attended an induction program followed by some fun tasks and collaborated on trending videos for the platform. Naveen gave them some insight into digital creation as a vocation and taught them some content creation tricks and tips. The students accelerated their enriching journey by creating videos across various categories such as dance, lip-sync, acting, and more.

Talking about his event experience, Naveen Ricky added, ”I would like to thank Moj for inviting me to the Moj DayOut session. Moj is a great social media platform to connect with your right audience that will enjoy your content. I was delighted to see the enthusiasm among the college students to know more about content creation. Tamil Nadu has no dearth of talent and I’m confident that these budding creators are going to make Tamil Nadu proud.”


Speaking about the first college DayOut, Shashank Shekhar, Sr. Director, Content Strategy and Operations, Moj and ShareChat, said, “While we have hosted several DayOuts in Tamil Nadu, this was a special event as it is the first time we hosted a DayOut at a college campus, and the response was overwhelming. The goal of the on-campus DayOut at Chennais Amirta IIHM – Chengalpattu Campus was to provide a platform for aspiring creators where they could exchange ideas on content collaborations and build a strong bonding within their community. Tamil content is one of the most preferred languages for content on Moj and we are sure to see more creative content on our platform by talented Tamilians.”