Montblanc Presents The Virtuosity and Artistry of Gold Nib Craftsmanship At Homo Faber In Venice


The fine art of bespoke nibs in the spotlight at the inaugural exhibition dedicated to rare métiers d’art from September 14th – 30th 2018


As part of an inspiring showcase of the finest European craftsmanship hosted by the Michelangelo Foundation For Creativity and Craftsmanship, Montblanc presents the rare art of gold nib craftsmanship. From its early days, Montblanc has been synonymous with the art of writing, developing the most advanced writing instruments of the day by continuously pioneering new mechanisms to keep it at the forefront of writing technology. Regardless of the many innovations the Maison has pioneered since 1906, the nib, referred to as the very soul of every Montblanc writing instrument, continues to require the utmost patience and skill to craft by pairing high precision tools and manual work that takes years to master. At Homo Faber, Montblanc artisans share the enduring passion and expertise that have sustained Montblanc’s status as the great pioneer of writing culture, retracing the skills that have been honed inside the walls of its Hamburg manufacture for over 110 years, and continue to be handed down to new generations of artisans in the great tradition of European craftsmanship. In a world premiere, ExpressionNib, the latest nib conceived by Montblanc is on show for the first time. Set to officially launch in Summer 2019, this innovative gold nib allows for more elaborate calligraphy.


Montblanc Nib: The Art of Perfection

Hand-sculpted from solid gold by master artisans that oversee 35 skilled steps, each nib is the result of absolute expertise, perfect workmanship, as well as intuition and an abundance of patience to perform these fundamental steps. It is during the grinding process that the nib is imbued with a soul, shaping the gold into one of the many different sizes offered to Montblanc customers. 

The assembly of the three parts – the ink feeder case, ink feeder and the gold nib – is an exercise exactitude to ensure that all pieces are perfectly positioned and do not shift as they are carefully brought together.  The nib tip setting is also an exacting step and must be executed with great precision and dexterity to ensure writing quality and the correct ink flow through the nib. Before any writing instrument is allowed to leave the manufacture, it must be tested by hand using different writing angles, pressures and speeds to ensure it meets standards of perfection set by the Maison.  In addition to the way a piece feels when writing, a good ear plays a crucial role: the nib writing expert listens attentively to the sound each nib makes as it glides over the paper. Only nibs that do not scratch or snag, and thus generate a continuous sound, will pass the special quality inspection.


Bespoke Nib: The Customized Writing Experience

Ultimate expression of the customized writing experience, Montblanc Bespoke Nib harnesses today’s technology to further enhance the ancestral act of putting pen to paper. Montblanc software captures each unique characteristic of an individual’s handwriting, analysing with extreme accuracy writing pressure, the angle of inclination as well as the swing angle and rotation of the writing instrument. The data is interpreted by a Montblanc expert who recommends the precise nib that corresponds to the customer’s needs either covered by Montblanc’s extensive permanent range of eight different nibs from extra-fine to oblique double-broad, and even an oblique triple-broad, or a fully customized nib to achieve an especially thick or fine line. These customized nib solutions not only reveal an individual’s handwriting at its most elegant, but also intensify the unique pleasure of the glide of a nib over paper that can best be experienced with a fountain pen.


Jewellery Nib: The Gem-set Masterpiece

Unique to Montblanc, nibs that can be creatively embellished with precious stones and special engravings, leaning on the skills of the Maison’s master gem-setters and engravers to turn them into writing masterpieces. In particular, the Jewellery Nib is not only used for the High Artistry writing instruments, but can be customized according to the client’s preferences and desires. Whether rubies, emeralds or diamonds, the most precious stones are used in the nibs, and Montblanc ensures that each stone retains all of their colour.


ExpressionNib: The Ultimate in Self-Expression

Made exclusively with gold, the ExpressionNib is perfectly suited for more elaborate calligraphy, with special flexible nib features that allow a variety of writing styles and delivers an exceptional writing sensation.  Due to the slenderness of the tines and the special geometry of the nib point, a high level of precision can be achieved whilst writing. The nib wings close rapidly when writing pressure is reduced, an important characteristic for many calligraphy styles. Variation of line breadth can be achieved by exerting pressure, with varying breadths producing different hues of colour on paper.


Montblanc and the art of gold nib craftsmanship at Homo Faber, San Giorgio Maggiore Island,Venice, Italy from September 14th – 30th 2018.